Results: Book Tournament Round 3

Jon Snow

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Ladies and Gentlemen....Your Top 8!!!

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin 8 - 5 (31-6)
Malazan Series - Steven Erikson 7 - 6 (23-10)
Harry Potter - JK Rowling 7 - 5 (25-10)
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss 8 - 3 (27-6)
The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch 7 - 4 (24-6)
Chronicles of the Black Company - Glen Cook 7 - 6 (21-10)
The First Law - Joe Abercrombie 7 - 6 (24-8)
The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan 11 - 2 (31-5)

The closest of results yet! I think that the final 8 will be so hard to choose from, just look at it! A pity my Dark Horse didn't make it. A big write up for the top 8 to come.

13 people voted this round.
For the first time, no book was uncontested
There was two tied books...who were they?
Thrones and Wot have the most votes for them
Wheel of Time has the best For and Against record at 26, followed by Thrones at 25.


The round 3 after party did not go a head today as planned. It was cancelled and I got this statement from one of Mysterious Figure's associates.

"We regret that the party could not go through, because of the lack of security. We are going through restructuring right now. We could not guarantee the safety of the party-goers. We should however be ready in time for the Top 8 party."

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the party is cancelled because of a lack of security and not because the money has run out as previously speculated. The party will be back for the Top 8! However, who is this mysterious figure that finances these elaborate parties? Sources have said that his house cheats at the games while others have said that no one is rich enough to throw these parties except for Rowling herself. If that is the case, should we theorized that this is why Harry Potter has done so well? Is it also the reason Memory and Sorrow jumped in to protect Potter during the round 2 after party?
It is all speculation and hearsay at the moment, but stay tuned for more on the story.....wait.....a messenger bird has just arrived.
A source has told us where some of the participants are and we are going to head there now!"

(whispers and murmerings)
(Did we find someone who has epic spells?...we'll never get all of us and this equipment Dammit! What do I pay you for? Alright...just regular teleport me and my camera there then)

(reporter arrives at scene)

"Shit...haven't done that in a......***vomit***.... while...that felt like the round 1 after party when I was sooooo drunk, I bent over and one of Pern's Dragons was....wait...whats that blinking red light. Is the camera on? F***. Delete...Delete...Delete!!!....Live Stream...OH FOR TOLKIEN's SAKE!"
(camera is turned off)

(Camera turns back on with A Game of Thrones drinking Ale from a shoe)
"And here we are at the Kings Arms where we can clearly see all the winners and losers from round 3. I have here with me Malazan."
"Malazan...why is Thrones drinking ale out of a shoe?"
"Well you see, we were playing circle of death and Thrones drew the last king, so he has to drink. The funny thing is, he drew all the kings so he chose the vessel, the brew and the quantity and now he's drinking it! HAHA."
"Ah yes very funny indeed. I hope he mades a good fortitude check in the morning."
"What are you talking about? with that Dresden fella? He's going on and on about rolling mice...why the hell would you want to roll mice?"
"I think you mean dice."
"Dice? ..... No I think he meant mice."
"...Oh look Harry Potter is over there and he's calling me over....bye....."

"Hi Harry Po......."
Viewers as you can clearly see from my camera that Potter is passed out on the floor. What kind of idiot is letting young children drink ale, we all know they have bad fortitude saves!
"Excuse me W and H?"
"Oh hi. Viewers, I am pleased to introduce to you...The Name of the Wind!"
"Hmmm yeah..hi, well nobody exactly let him drink, what happened was Potter saw some folks from LOTR drinking, and these guys were wee fellas themselves drinking a flagon and so this little wannabe thought he could as well. Next thing you know, Potter is down for the count moaning in his sleep."

(Potter moans again in his slumber) "....come on not now...she's waiting for me.........over there..please Leviosa!"

"I have no idea what he is saying, but by the look of his pants, it can't be a bad dream aye!"
"I need to ask you to watch what you say Name, this program is rated PG, yet we don't want parents ringing us complaining how they had to explain what the hell was in Potter's pants!"
"Oh yeah sorry. It's a Mars bar kids."
"Nice save. Anyways what do you think of your Top 8 match against Harry Potter."
"Let's just say that I don't think he'll be able to get up on the day! HAHA!"
(camera turns off)

(Camera turns on)
"Here we have none other than Mithrandir himself...or better known as...Gandalf the Grey!...Or...was it white now...."
"Just Gandalf will do."
"Yes, thanks for letting me interview you Gandalf."
"No problem, as long as you don't mind me puffing on my pipe. Very good stuff this longbottom leaf."
"No I don't mine I'm a bit partial to the stuff myself from time to time. I just wanted to ask how felt about your defeat to A Game of Thrones. It must be awfully hard to take since you guys started it all."
"We've had our time in the sun, and it was good to get those Hobbits out of the Shire again."
"Speaking of Hobbits, where are Sam, Merry, Pippin and Frodo?"
"Well they were here, but they must have gone off somewhere. They said that Frodo didn't make this special trip from the Undying Lands just to drink ale. So they upped and left."
"Ah well, I'm sure I'll see them around. So who do you think will take out the tournament?"
"I'm not sure. I think that The Hobbit will win."
"Gandalf...The Hobbit got knocked out in this round as well."
"Oh really? then The Silmarillion must win, I saw him behind The Hobbit and Us."
"I think you've been smoking too much and failing on your concentration checks Gandalf...give me that pipe...."
"I should have turned off this camera first!"
(camera turns off)
Hmm I can't see a single hard vote in these top 8 (however they are arranged), it is very clear how to vote for me. The previous round was harder since more of my favourites were still in the running. :)

Edit, well three of them were, even though I had to vote against one. :)


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Dark Materials was beaten by Black Company? HA! One kid book down, time for Potter to fall!

Jon Snow

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He said he wanted the kids books to go down in a flaming heap a round ago.

I'm sad His Dark Materials went down. It was so close and I think it would have won if I didn't push for more votes, but better for the success of the tourney than an individual book.

I still think it is a huge top 8, even if I and some others can pick it out easily. There are going to be some frustrated people I think. And it'll only get more hard and frustrating as the tourney goes on.


Dr. Awesomesauce
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Jamie G said:
what's your beef with Potter, l3gacy?

Have you read it?
Nope, don't intend to either. I don't hate the series-- just prefer adult oriented books :D


Knows how to pronounce Kvothe
l3gacy said:
Jamie G said:
what's your beef with Potter, l3gacy?

Have you read it?
Nope, don't intend to either. I don't hate the series-- just prefer adult oriented books :D
did you know in my library wot and pern are in the young adult section. just like harry potter. not much of a fan of HP , but it is an interesting story. there is very little difference in young adult and adult.storys can good in both.writing can be about the same to. in books that are "adult" they usually take a good young adult story and add rated R level violence and adult situations graphicly. in a mystery i can see why you may need alot of descriptive violence and the such,but in fantasy it is not needed 90 percent of the time. i think they do that to sell more books and increase length, not enhance the story.if i wanted that i would buy a diferent book, not fantasy. just my opinion from reading alot of books in both sections. :)