Revelations End: first novel! Looking for reviewers..


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So, after a 13 year period of procrastination,( that did involve the arrival of 2 children to be fair) I dusted off the original manuscript, originally called "Revelations End", done some re-editing, and self published for Kindle!

An experience both exhilarating and immensely scary!!

"Choose to survive! Fight to Live!

Armageddon was just the start!

Scrabbling for survival in a world gone dark, one man's unexpected discovery will set him on a journey for answers through war and chaos...against enemies known when the world was young but long dismissed as myth.

Hanging on at the edge of existence, being human will take on a whole new meaning."

Taking the post-apocalyptic theme beloved of many writers, Kingdom Come-Book1:Abaddon lends it ,I hope, a fresh take and twist of fantasy.

Taking it out of some of the well-trodden tropes, it drops the action in a contemporary setting with protagonists bounded in the real world of today, and the antagonists...? Well, let’s just say that Armageddon really brings out the big guns!

I am very interested in feedback and reviews from as many folk as possible and you can reach me through here if fancy it. If you would like to review I do have various formats available.

Also, obviously, available now on Amazon for all Kindles and apps and you can of course get a free sample as per the usual Kindle set up

Please do feel free to give me feedback
as i've tried to give you a book that lets your imagination build the characters as much as the prose does, and action and pace that keep you flicking on.

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A little late to the game, but I am going to check this out (Not sure if you will even see this). Good luck!!

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Oh PS...since this post I have actually reverted the novel back to the original title..."Revelations End"
What is the full title? I can edit the thread header for you.