review request, Bountiful Harvest

J. Stephen Howard

Possibly a Darkfriend

I have a book launching November 27, 2017 on Amazon. I'm looking for reviewers to let readers to spread the word.

In Bountiful Harvest, the latest fantasy/sci-fi novel by J. Stephen Howard, united we stand, divided we rot.
This is the mantra of those living in the Newly United States of America in the year 2082, when imperfect DNA is no longer tolerated and genetic modification is as commonplace as changing one’s clothes. But when the creations of a geneticist draw the attention of an alien species, a boy and his band of genetically-restored misfits are all that stand in the way of the apocalypse.

On November 27th, enter a world of… personality-altering drugs for the insecure; last goodbyes for the dearly departed; genetic manipulation for flawed individuals; and infected vampires that hunger for your DNA. Stand with the outcasts of Bountiful Harvest as they fight not just for their home but ours as well.

For an advance copy, email me at: j_007howard@yahoo.

Thank you.


J. Stephen Howard