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Possibly a Darkfriend
I'm looking to build an online fanbase for my new YA Fantasy novel. Is anyone interested in learning more about the story or perhaps any bloggers or critics interested in reviewing it?

Derk of Derkholm

Journeyed there and back again

welcome to the forum :)

Thank you for starting out the right way, by asking us to take an interest in your book. Unfortunately, many people who join the forum use some kind of subterfuge to get people interested in some book, so it is always good to see if an author goes about it in the right way.

If you manage to make us interested in the book, and if the book is good, then there are no reasons why it should not find fans here. Granted, the YA genre is not what we focus on here, but if the book is good, then why not?

So let us know the title of your book, what it is about, and how we can have a look at it.

Best regards,

Derk of Derkholm

Journeyed there and back again
I have tried to search for it , but all I could find was Justin Lantier-Novelli's blog on Wordpress.

The writing of that blog definitely leads me to expect the book (I guess it is called "Imaginery Fiends" as this is the project mentioned on his Linkedin page) to be quite readable.