Right now, I feel like I don't belong in the medievil fantasy genre.

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by MorteTorment, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. MorteTorment

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    Hi there, how's it going? I'm Morte, and my two favorite hobbies are Anime and Fantasy Novels. Right now, I feel like there's a far too small amount of titles from either fandoms that have come out in the last few years that are really for me. And I wanna talk about medieval fantasy in particular.

    Here's what I know that I want:

    -I wanna read grimdark stories aimed at adults about awesome assassins that don't work for royalty like in Brent Weeks' Night Angel.

    -I wanna read stories about powerful mages that cast really cool spells and are written in a way that isn't extremely complicated, and barely get by like in The Dresden Files.

    -I wanna read about characters raised almost in complete darkness that rise above it all and end up proving their worth to others and gaining their trust like in R. A. Salvatore's The Dark Elf Trilogy. *dodges the knives thrown at me for liking Drizz't, then dodges the nuke from praising Salvatore's work.*

    -I wanna read about characters just going on an adventure...and for this I got nothing.

    Here's what I know what I don't want:

    -Medieval politics about medieval politicians. Be it about a long game of chess to see who shall be king or whatever. I'm very happy for you if you like GRR Martin. I've tried like crazy to get into it, and all I've gotten from it is an understanding about something that I REALLY don't want. Screw that, make the story about the people being fucked over by the medievil politicians.

    -An almost complete and utter lack of magic. Why GRR Martin, why?

    -A book focused on war and war battles. Nothing bores me more than soldiers during wartime. Nothing.

    -Focus more on the the series' mythology and lore rather than what's going on in the current point of the novel. I've probably tried to get into the Lord of the Rings novels more than any other series, and all I ended up with was even more appreciation for my favorite movie trilogy.

    -Robert Jordan. Seriously, just Robert Jordan. That's all that I have to say.

    -SUPER long books. I'm talking books with long series where each book is over 1k pages. Seriously, even after you've massively edited the book, you still can't tell the story in under 1k pages. Although to be fair, I say this as someone who loves watching the Special Extended Edition of the LOTR Trilogy. But.... but...that's because it really is THAT good.

    It feels like almost everything I come across with medieval fantasy hits one or more of these bad for me personally check marks.
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    Yes, someone else in another thread said fantasy isn't your forte, Morte.
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  3. Darwin

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    Jesus, why are you so cranky?

    Edit: Your edit makes me look crazy.
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  4. Maark Abbott

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    If my book was out, it ticks a few of your boxes.

    But alas.

    And alack.
  5. Silvion Night

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    The only author I can think of that meets your criteria is Salvatore, but you have read his books. Try the earlier books of Feist perhaps?
  6. GreyMouser

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    From what I remember The Death Gate Cycle by Weis and Hickman checks some of those boxes though I'm not sure if it's grimdark enough.
  7. MorteTorment

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    They were making a joke. Just like I agreed with them in a sarcastic manner. It's not so much that fantasy isn't for me as much as the fact that I have found that what's popular most of the time doesn't interest me, and I've gotten sick of constantly having to look for new, promising books. I used to think it was so cool when I'd search for hours for something promising, but that novelty is fading away, and it has just become exhausting.

    Also, I think you missed a very important word.

    MEDIEVAL fantasy. Most of the things I mentioned are more of a medievil thing.

    I like a lot of urban fantasy. Same thing with space opera, and cyberpunk fantasy, and I don't see why I wouldn't like Post apocalyptic fantasy.
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  8. MorteTorment

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    It sounds ok. I'm listening. Sell me on it.

    Oh, and to be clear, what I'm reading doesn't HAVE TO BE grimdark. Nor does it have to be aimed at adults. It's a preference, but not a requirement.

    First of all, kudos on reading Wool. The first story in it is easily one of the most gripping tales I've ever read. I need to read more of it.

    Anyways, There's a lot of authors that meet my criteria actually. Brent Weeks(personal fave), Sullivan, Michael J. , Pierce, Tamora *, Dalglish, David *(he wrote one of my faves), Weis, Margaret *,

    Salvatore btw,. I just happen to like the ONE trilogy. Everything else I've read of his bores me. That I'm up for more, I just read something of his outside of The Legend of Drizz't.

    Oh, and The Vagrant sounds promising. Thanks for advertising it, as I probably never would have come across it otherwise. Oh, and about Red Rising. The concept really got me interested, but something about the way it's written makes it impossible for me to get immersed(which to be honest is a bigger issue for me than anything.) Can you recommend something else with a similar concept?
  9. Darwin

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    Honestly I think you might be well served by regular trips to your local bookstore. Post up in a chair with a half dozen books that catch your eye based on cover art, author, title, review on the flaps, etc. and give them each 5-10 minutes. Rinse and repeat until you find something you like.

    You're picky in ways that make it difficult to refer books to. This makes rational selection based on other peoples' advice/reviews very inefficient. You speed read, so your sampling speed makes an empirical and stochastic approach much more effective than it would be for slower readers. Play to your strengths, imo. You seem to care a great deal about setting, and that's one thing that cover art can convey more quickly than a blurb on amazon.
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  10. Darwin

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    Fuck yeah, I won the thread.
  11. MorteTorment

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    First of all, you bring a smile to my face. I really appreciate that. Not a very happy person lately.

    I did something similar to what you suggested a few months ago when I visited Seattle. It was so nice! Brought back so many happy memories.

    I got a story I wanna tell, but first let me respond to your post.

    And you're right, I'm very picky, and it kinda sucks. That said, what I do isn't get gripped by the picture. That said, the setting isn't what I care about. It's the characters and the combat. I find about almost every book I come across on goodreads, and what I do is I read the description of of something, and if that interests me I look for a somewhat detailed review or two covering what's good and bad, and more importantly explaining in better detail what the fuck the book is about, because dear god do book descriptions like to be fucking vague as hell. That said, I might do with a better way of deciding what to read. Any other suggestions would be great.


    That, there's no local bookstores around me sadly. It's been that way for a long, long time since Borders shut down. As a result I went from going to a bookstore almost every day, hanging out there, reading, and interacting with others, to spending most of my time in my room alone. I didn't read anything outside of the Super rare times when I'd read a short story(like I did with Wool).

    Oh, btw, read a LOT slower back then, because i was busy interacting with others as well. Plus I read a lot of manga, and marvel and dc comics, the latter two I never really stopped.

    But yeah, here's everything I've read at borders that I've actually finished:


    About a decade after Borders closed, a very dear friend of mine recommended a visual novel inspired by HP Lovecraft(the less said about it the better) and it was nice reading something good that wasn't a short story again. A couple months or so pass by, and I couldn't take it anymore. I had to read something. I just had to. With not much to go on, I found an e-reader, and looked back into the Forgotten Realms, remembering how much I loved it, but I also wanted to read a book that wasn't part of a series. Ended up with this:
    Venom in Her Veins: A Forgotten Realms Novel

    I quickly devoured it in a few hours without even trying. I wouldn't say that I loved it, But I'll be damned if I wasn't satisfied. That said, I was really thirsty for more. I told the same friend about this, and he recommended this!The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Dear god that ending was so sad! Loved it so much! Got reminded what it's like to have a book grip you and pull out so many emotions out of you.

    Then I decided to google best fantasy books of....I think this was in 2014, and I ended up on this website, saw that there was a forum, and posted here, telling part of this story that I'm telling you now. I mentioned that my favorite book was The Way of Shadows (Night Angel, #1)

    From there I think I decided to pick up book 2 in the series, and started timing myself in 45 minute sessions. and I'd tell everyone how many pages I read, and the % of the book that I read. People here loved it, and it inspired me to just keep on reading. And you know, I need to get back into that.
  12. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is


    I really like you! :D

    Oh, and to be clear. I'm still up for more than the things I mentioned that I like. they'r e just he things that I know for sure that I like.
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  13. Darth Tater

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    Nah. I saw it before the edit. I got your back.

    Funny. I'm pretty sure I recommended that series to him not too long ago in another thread simlar to this and he replied something like "I'm just messing around". So I figured it was a waste of time.
  14. MorteTorment

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    I think you did too. IIRC I gave a sarcastic response, you thought I was serious, and I clarified that I wasn't.

    that said, that likely before I decided to expand on what I wanna read(like with stuff aimed at young adults, and things that are a lot more lighthearted.)

    Oh, and I don't remember editing it that heavily. I thought I just fixed some typos. Then again, my memory is a joke.

    That said, I hope there's no bad blood between us. I don't know either of you, but I have no beef with you.

    Edit: Oh, you're referring to the first person that replied.

    And yeah, thanks for choosing to chill man.
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  15. Darth Tater

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    1. No. We weren't referencing your edit whatever that might have been. Someone else made a comment they later removed.

    2. No bad feelings on this end. :cool:
  16. Silvion Night

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    Some people loved it, others not so much if I remember correctly.
  17. MorteTorment

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    I think it was more a matter of some people loved it, others were indifferent to it.

    And yeah, I'm gonna bring it back. Currently reading Chronicles of the Necromancer: Book 1: The Summoner. It's ok so far. Read the first chapter, but didn't time myself.
  18. Bill Door

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    Why would you time yourself while reading? The idea is to enjoy yourself...it's not some competition.
  19. MorteTorment

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    Hehe, I actually just explained this one to somone else actually.

    I time myself because it makes me feel good knowing that I read so much in such a little amount of time, it pushes me forward.

    And of course it's not a competition. Never said it was. It just happens to make my happy. It also keeps me focused better than if I read it "normally."

    How's it going btw, don't think I've seen you here before.

    Anyways, i read Chronicles of the Necromancer: Book 1: The Summoner for another 15 minutes. Read 10% of the book, aka 38 pages this time for a total of 29% of the book, and I'm around 108 pages in.
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