Right now, I feel like I don't belong in the medievil fantasy genre.

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by MorteTorment, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Andrew.J

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    Have you tried Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko? I only read a couple chapters a while back, but it might be up your alley. It's an urban fantasy series set in Moscow. The books are translated from Russian, but, from what I remember, are quite easy to read.

    You could also look at some YA fantasy as well. It would take some searching, but there might be something worthwhile. Six of Crows has been mentioned a couple of times here recently. There are others too, though I'm not sure how strict you are about the requirements. :)
  2. MorteTorment

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    Um, what?
  3. MorteTorment

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    Wow, someone actually flaming me on this board. Didn't think that would ever actually happen. Guess I know what to do.
  4. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    I tried reading Night Watch. I don't know if it's the translation, but there's no way that I can get immersed in that writing style.

    Had the same problem with The Witcher series sadly, something which literally brought me to tears when I realized this was the case. It's my favorite video game series, but I can't enjoy the book series.

    I am indeed up for Young Adult and Lighthearted fantasy as of a few months ago. Please, tell me more.
  5. Ryan W. Mueller

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    If you're open to self-published novels, Phil Tucker's Chronicles of the Black Gate series is some of the most entertaining fantasy I've ever read. It's setting is somewhat medieval (as much as any fantasy is), and there's a ton of action. It's not Grimdark, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows either. I'd say it's closer to Weeks than Sanderson in terms of grittiness. There's plenty of magic, and I think you can see some anime influence in the battle scenes, which are exciting to read (not boring regular soldiers battling).

    The book came in second place in last year's Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. The best thing is it's a five-book series and the last book is coming out either this month or next.
  6. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    Sounds very promisng. Thanks.

    And yeah, self-published novels are good. Hell, let me put it this way.

    Feel free to recommend fanfiction if you think it really is THAT good.
  7. GreyMouser

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    Oh, man, I wish I could remember more, it's been about 25-26 years since I read those books.

    Here's what I remember, vague and washed out over the years:

    There was an assassin that I loved named Hugh the Hand, there was grand adventure, there was some pretty awesome sorcery that I feel I would still appreciate if I had time to go back and re-read and there were several different interesting worlds.

    Sorry, that's all I got.
  8. Darth Tater

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    Haha. I remember good old Hugh from the Deathgate Cycle. Hugh, Alfred, Haplo. Semi-serious with comic relief. I had a lot of fun with those books back in the day.OMG the (more than) a wizard Zifnab (aka Fizban in other series). When asked his name he says Gan-no already used. Zifbab---no trademark laws. Uh Fizban. Not funny when I say it here but I did LOL reading his stuff in context. The sundered world was a unique. I would hate Dragonlance today but this stuff was better but I still might enjoy Deathgate. "Funny" stuff in fantasy isn't to me. But this series was. That's very very rare. The plot was actually good, IMO.

    I think it offers a nice break if someone wanted one. Personally, I liked it much better than Good Omens and other stuff along those lines. That's great. Thanks. Hugh the hand...that brought back good memories from 20 years ago. :)
  9. Ryan W. Mueller

    Ryan W. Mueller Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    I enjoyed that series quite a bit. It's definitely more on the fun side than a lot of fantasy today. Honestly, I miss that kind of thing in fantasy. Sometimes, I think the genre takes itself too seriously. It's good to read a few books that are funny while still having those epic plots.
  10. Nuomer1

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    Having read a few of the posts leading up to this, I thought I ought to give it a try - Dragon Wing seems to be first in the cycle . . . but Amazon UK don't seem to have a Kindle version. Have I missed something?
  11. Matticus Primal

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    You might want to check out my book, which is a grimdark flintlock fantasy series about a female assassin tasked in drawing out an evil inventor by kidnapping his catatonic daughter. At least a few check marks there. Better yet, it will be free to download this Sept 13-15.

    You read Sebastien de Castell's Greatcoat series? I've only read the first one and enjoyed it. Again, sort of gunpowder fantasy, though the characters are the opposite of assassins.
  12. Darth Tater

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    Weird. It's $2.99 in the US.
  13. MorteTorment

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    That doesn't really tell me much about the book perse.
  14. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Wasn't meant to. It wasn't a recommendation per se. Responding (or reminiscing with) to Grey Mousers post.

    I already told you about that series in a similar thread based on the way I interpreted your desires at that time.
  15. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    Any idea what the thread was?
  16. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    The one where you said you were just messing around or something to that effect. You mentioned the "sarcastic response" earlier in this thread. I don't know why it matters. You certainly didn't seem interested at the time, so this seems like a waste of time. If you're curious and want more information, see Ben's write up on his top 50 Best Epic Fantasy list. It is #33. I only brought it up because you said my post didn't really tell you anything about the book and I was reminding you that I already went into more detail fairly recently.
  17. MorteTorment

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    Oh, the 90's topic. thanks. I'll check it our and I'll check out the epic fantasy topic too.

    Edit: Ok, this is what you said:

    "Based on what I think you're saying, would you consider The Deathgate Cycle by Weiss and Hickman? It's serious but lots of comic relief too. You see, the world has been "sundered" into four parts by two ancient powerful races.. Air, water, fire and stone. The first four books each deal with one of these and there is a labyrinth, and the funniest wizard you'll ever come across in your life. It all ties together later on. Very memorable characters that I have not forgotten in 20 years.It isn't "Dragonlance" per se and even Ben rated it #33 on his 50 Best Epic Fantasy list so don't take my word for it. This is the series that got me back into reading again. It is a 7 book series so goes over the 1,200 page limit you set but it goes quickly. IMO a delightful read!"

    Sounds very promising, I'll add it to my list, thanks!
  18. GreyMouser

    GreyMouser Journeyed there and back again

    Thanks for refreshing my memory Darth Tater! I had forgotten that the world had been sundered and by whom. I just remembered the air, fire etc. realms. I actually made a D&D character loosely based on Hugh the Hand back in the day.

    Now I'm definitely going to have to do a re-read. I think I saw Dragon Wing while going through boxes in the garage a while back.
  19. Silvion Night

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    The Deathgate Cycle was one of the first fantasy series I read. I'd definitely like to read them again some time, although I do fear that the books appeal more to a younger audience.
  20. MorteTorment

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    Here's hoping it's not too young of an audience.

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