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So my book has been out there three months now and I have been advertising across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with mixed results. The first month reached approximately 10K people via a targeted campaign for book readers who like Fantasy. That netted me a total of 300 downloads of which the absolute majority was Nightclans the free book. The second month September netted me over 500 downloads with sales of 25 for Angels blood. that went to an audience of 15K people. I just got back my results of Octobers sales and it fell back to 300 downloads of Nightclans with another 7 of Angels blood. This was sent out to an audience of 25K people and I had hoped that the increased number targeted would result in more downloads, obviously not. I have to change tactics somewhat and consider other avenues for advertising to a large audience of potential book readers.
I have started a new campaign using a new advertising method through Twitter Ads which is currently running for this month, I wont find out the results until the beginning of next month so we shall see. Twitter Ads is a new service and I will report back how effective it is compared to my earlier methods used.


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Well I got my campaign figures back on my twitter campaign through twitter ads and let me tell you, I am HUGELY disappointed in how the campaign was conducted. When I created the campaign I made sure that I clicked on an international audience and that it be English speaking. So in my mind, I had to assume that the majority of tweets would go out to the English speaking nations. Well that's what I would have thought would have happened. But no, twitter saw fits to see my book advertised in places far removed from English speaking countries, check the list below and yes, that's USA down the bottom with NO money spent there. This is far more comprehensive than this but you get an idea of where the money went and where the absolute majority of tweets went to. The UK ranked twice as far down. Other English speaking nations even further down than that by far except for the Philippines.
My thinking is if as an author you wish to use twitterads in the future, make sure you target the US market only, I guess that's the only way to make this work.
All campaigns$59.7537,1481,4393.87%$0.04
Saudi Arabia$5.703,9401774.49%$0.03
United Arab Emirates$1.07652314.75%$0.03
United States$0.0055640.72%$0.00

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Because of the use of the word "impressions," it looks to me not like they specifically targeted the Middle East, but that perhaps they targeted a wider audience and that's where the clicks came from. Unfortunately, a lot of those countries are probably responsible for a lot of fake twitter accounts. It's hard to tell, though. Can you add some spaces to the table so we can tell where each column starts and stops?

Also, for what it's worth, there are quite a few English-speaking people Nigeria and in the Middle East. I have a friend in Bahrain and, though she was born there, she went to English-speaking schools and her family speaks English at home (she's an Arab).

That being said, it's not possible to get a Kindle or download e-books in many of those countries (like Bahrain) unless you are willing to do some tricks to make it look like you have a US address.


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Yah, I understand that many of those nations would have a certain percentage of English speaking people, but honestly, if you are going to target an audience for maximum effect, wouldn't you prioritize a nation that has English as the first language? Putting English speaking in the parameter should have that as a matter of course. The impressions for the USA is 556, out of 37 000 but majority sales and downloads would be from the United States as it is the biggest market, hence my comment that one should consider only putting a single nation in the parameters.

All campaigns $59.75 37,148 1,439 3.87% $0.04
Saudi Arabia $5.70 3,940 177 4.49% $0.03
Kuwait $6.94 3,769 187 4.96% $0.04
Malaysia $6.22 3,666 165 4.50% $0.04
Thailand $3.62 2,138 87 4.07% $0.04
Turkey $3.58 2,135 109 5.11% $0.03
Philippines $2.31 1,923 79 4.11% $0.03
Singapore $3.52 1,808 81 4.48% $0.04
Russia $3.70 1,484 65 4.38% $0.06
Venezuela $3.35 1,097 40 3.65% $0.08
Mexico $1.44 840 15 1.79% $0.10
Pakistan $1.40 755 41 5.43% $0.03
Nigeria $4.18 740 43 5.81% $0.10
United Arab Emirates$1.07 652 31 4.75% $0.03
Indonesia $0.75 639 13 2.03% $0.06
Bahrain $1.24 560 30 5.36% $0.04
United States $0.00 556 4 0.72% $0.00

I hope that makes things a bit clearer , I have manually spaced it all, lets see what happens when I post it.


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Sighs, well I did put spaces in but for some reason they are removed when I post, what am I doing wrong?


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Completely agree. For max effect you would've thought just UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc would be targeted. It's the logical approach ..

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Image was definitely more useful. Is there any FAQ that says what the various columns mean? I can guess, but my guesses might be totally off. (If it's freely available online, a link would be fine.)


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Word of advice from a guy doing it for a bit now. Twitter, Facebook et al are "mostly" useless if you're looking at generating sales. Those should be more directed toward making a connection as should be forums etc for the most part. If you want a place to post a freebie AFTER you've integrated yourself into the community, it would be r/fantasy on Reddit, a 65k person and growing community of mostly English speaking readers and authors of fantasy. Also try running a $15 Ereader News Today campaign.

Example, I did a freebie last month or month before using both of those, did one announcement here, which was retweeted by @TomTheBeliever and as you can see from my post here , it did very well. (4k downloads to be exact) After the run it remained in the top 100 of its category and checking just now, it still is sitting in that top 100.

The BEST advertising you can do is stuff like I mentioned or Bookbub. Be warned that Bookbub is expensive and hard to get on but there is no better ROI out there. When I managed to get them to run my book I broke top 400 in the ENTIRE kindle store for that month.

Next, you must, must, must have a mailing list and include a link to it in your ebooks. Mine has it at the end and on what I call the Welcome Page, which is where my books start when a reader first opens them on their device. Every time I have a new release or some special event I send it out to my mailing list and I get immediate results.


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Image was definitely more useful. Is there any FAQ that says what the various columns mean? I can guess, but my guesses might be totally off. (If it's freely available online, a link would be fine.)
It is pretty simple, the first two columns are self explanatory. Then Impressions refers to the number of people who have looked at the tweet (or should I say received it) and Engagements refers to the number of people who clicked the link in the tweet. Thus the Eng. rate is percentage of people who clicked on the link after viewing the tweet. This of course has no bearing on whether the people who clicked the link went on to purchase the book or download the free book.
After checking my Sales reports on Amazon I have seen no downloads at all. Sad really, for the Copromote service I originally talked about is free in its basic form and resulted in over 1100 downloads, far better than the Twitter Ads service.


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Interesting advice TC, I had not been aware that Reddit would be a good venue, it is something I have no experience with and will check it out, thanks for that. As for Bookbub I did consider using this service awhile ago but reading the restrictions I felt my book would not be accepted? I have some sexual scenes in the books and while they aren't a big part of the story line I felt it would contravene their expectations? Ereader news today is a new one on me too, again, thanks for the information.
As for mailing lists, I have been trying to work out the best way to utilize this and of course, including it on a page of the ebook is an obvious answer I just hadn't thought of. All good advice and I will be looking into them, Thanks TC !

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Early on after I published A Warrior's Path, the first in my planned trilogy, I advertised in Facebook. It was quite worthless. I saw all these 'likes' for my ad from India because I included India as a demographic where I wanted to advertise. The Indians might as well have been bots. I tried focusing the ad sales and messing with the target, but it didn't change things at all. I did have moderate success (2-3 sales/day) with advertising on Goodreads, but that fades after 3-4 days. The most success I had after my book had been out for 6 months was when I steeply discounted it, but only in conjunction with a site like BookDaily, or the mythical BookBub. They (BookBub) promoted my book on Jan. 1, 2015 and I'm still feeling the effects.


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Yah, I would have to say that advertising on facebook is definitely a waste of time. My most successful campaigns of between 350 to 500 books per month were done through Copromote at no cost to me, but even that is waning now even though my market share has increased. It's time to spend some real money on such places like Bookdaily and yes Bookbub.


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So I did an advertising campaign for a book of mine reaching about 60K people on Twitter in February with mixed results. I then changed the imagery and edited contents of another book last month and guess what? The old copy is still up and for no reason at all it did over 2000 downloads in one day! That made it shoot up to 140 on the best seller list and has dropped back down with only a few hundred downloads since then. I haven't done any advertising since February either. Hmm, I don't get it.


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Only advice I can really offer here is that social media is an engagement device and not a sales device.

Social media is a friends party and conversation is what matters. If you try and raise awareness that's one thing, but actual sales are unlikely to generate much traction. It's an aspect of the medium which is pretty defined. People on social media are there for things that interest them, to engage on those interests through sharing, communication and in doing so build an identity.

Getting your boots on the ground is the best use of them.
I tried to advertise my book The City of Wizards at ebookshabit, goodkindles, etc., but with no results. I agree with WOllfen that one must advertise on Bookbub or some other site with very low Alexa rank. Also, only US and UK markets matter...


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I tried to advertise my book The City of Wizards at ebookshabit, goodkindles, etc., but with no results. I agree with WOllfen that one must advertise on Bookbub or some other site with very low Alexa rank. Also, only US and UK markets matter...
I'd disagree with that.

US and UK markets are great and for sure will be the bulk of your readers. That said Europe as a whole is no slouch when it comes to love of Fantasy. There's a healthy number of people these days participating in discussions in English and looking toward work that isn't localised.

The internet has made markets tighter and if you treat people right they'll reward you. These areas are somewhat underserved and if we're talking pure marketing, for very little you can gain a lot long term.


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Thank you for posting your results Wollfen! I tried Facebook and Goodreads for my novel. And this is what I got:
Facebook: lots of visibility, lots of clicks, no sales (could be a few from Kindle Unlimited)
Goodreads: a good amount of visibility, no clicks (thus no sales)