Seeking beta readers for Portal Fantasy


Possibly a Darkfriend
A brief introduction to me, since I am admittedly new here:
Erik Roman, hopeful future purveyor of fantastic tales, at your service.
(I did tell you it'd be brief.)

The book that I've got finished and am prepping for launch is called, The Prison Key.

It is, as the post title mentions, a portal fantasy. What follows is my blurb, which is admittedly a work in progress and probably not final copy:

How much would you give to save a world you might never see again?

Owen's mission seemed doomed to failure the instant he stepped through the portal. Of his team he alone survived the trip from one dimension to the next in a desperate bid to save his world, and the one thing he must not do is fail. Yet no amount of training can prepare one man alone to assault a prison palace guarded not only by a well-trained army, but a living god. Forced to retreat and now with forces beyond his comprehension arrayed against him, he must find help for a second attempt, and the clock is ticking.
As Owen scrambles to come up with a new plan and recruit allies, yet another enemy takes advantage of the chaos to turn the army of the living into an unstoppable undead horde and its commander into a powerful death knight.
Time has run out for Owen. As he begins his final assault he can only hope that his new allies give him the edge he needs not only to save his world, but to stop the birth of a new dragon king ...

I am of course happy to hear comments on the blurb as well, but if I've captured your interest with it feel free to let me know as I am looking for beta readers. The draft has been line edited but I am still awaiting the final proofread copy, so there may be one or two mistakes, but I flatter myself that the manuscript is pretty much clean.

Thanks so much for your time regardless. Have a great one!