Self Published Tripe or (Very) Rough Diamond


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If you join Emma Rose's newsletter you can get free romance books all the time. She runs promotions about once a week. You can search Emma Rose Romance to find her site.
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Seriously, what the heck. This topic has nothing to do with romance books. Not to mention, it's quite rude to draw attention to you or your particular author when this thread's about someone else.

Edit: And now I've looked to see that you've been posting the same two or three posts all around this forum like we'd be interested in your romance books. I hope you realize that fantasy is a completely different genre--we prefer magic and adventure. Do your research before spamming us with your nonsense, please. Or better yet, don't spam people like that--all it does is put us off.

And I would tell you to apologize to Prometheus, but your posts thus far sound like an advertising bot, so not sure if it'd do any good. :/
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*Jumps into conversation*

Apologies for (possibly) derailing the topic further, but does anyone else think it's amazing how we have a small community that's willing to go out of it's way to critique one of our fellow members' works?

Very heartwarming, indeed. You all get a cookie.

On a serious note, though- what happened to the book? The link states that the page can't be found.
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Disregarding the content of the book, I would change the formatting in the following way:

Get rid of the spaces in between the paragraphs. For fiction you want a first-line indent and no spaces between paragraphs.

Also, fiction usually doesn't have a Table of Contents. Some do, most don't. It's a matter of nobody needing to reference any specific locations in a fiction book, since it's meant to be read from beginning to end, and there are usually no instances like "See Chapter 7 for further detail."
Amazon requires a TOC. They have been known to remove books found without TOCS. Granted many slide by, but you don't want to be the one removed. The best way to deal with a TOC is to place it at the end of the ebook. This way it doesn't get in the way of content. Almost all of my books have the ToC and the usual front matter at the back. I usually have a Cover Page, a Welcome Page (It's a page with links like this:)

  1. Welcome (at the Top)
  2. A small jpeg of the cover
  3. Start Reading (Links to chapter 1/prologue)
  4. Maps
  5. Copyright
  6. Newsletter
  7. Table of Contents
My next page is usually the Map page, and then the actual first chapter.
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link seems to be broken.... :(
congrats Prometheus.
is there another way to get to it.?

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I'm working on my own series now. I find you need lots of beta readers to give you feedback and catch plot holes, errors. etc. I also use pro writing aid, it's an addon for Word to catch grammar, word overuse, etc.

It can be hard to find beta readers. So if you're interested, PM me about doing a swap. We read each others books and offer suggestions/criticism.

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Er, the last post in this thread was posted 4 years ago. The last log in by the OP was also about 4 years ago. I don't think he is monitoring this thread anymore. :)