Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderon


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IMO these Wax & Wayne books should have been 2 books instead of 4. Hell, maybe even just a big stand alone considering the 2nd BIG trilogy will take place in the same era
Are you sure? As far as I know, the Wax & Wayne books ARE the 2nd big trilogy(plus Alloy of Law as a prequel), while the third should take place on a not so distant future - but this could become the 4th trilogy, since Sanderson has a few ideas for a trilogy set around 1930/40.
I don't think that there are other books planned for this period


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Yes he always planned 3 big trilogies. Early fantasy type setting, then urban setting with modern technology and the final trilogy as sort of a futuristic sci-fi.

Alloy of Law was supposedly just an accident. Something he hadn't planned on writing. Then he decided to continue with them between Stormlight books because otherwise his readers wouldn't get any new mistborn for like 10 years. (Due to behind the scenes Cosmere stuff the 2nd big mistborn trilogy wouldn't come until after the first 5 Stormlight books)


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Disappointed in this one. The twist ending was interesting, but overall I found I just wasn't so interested in this book. The first was a better story for me.

The story just didn't grab me, nor did the characters for the most part.

Sanderson's female characters and his romantic plots, never his strongest points, definitely hit an all time low with this book. Wax's engagement to Stella was absurd.

Typical of Sanderson, the magic system was interesting and he develops the allomantic powers more in the book. But, the magic system was the strongest element in this book.

I would rate it as a 6.5/10 (I'd rate the first one as a 7.8/10)
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This one is next for me after Alloy of Law (well and after finishing Ruin and The Vagrant, both of which I am in the middle of) because I have an eARC of Bands of Mourning that I downloaded from Tor today.

However, my taste is pretty similar to Ben's so I'm not sure I'll be too thrilled with it. Ah well, it's short by Sanderson standards.


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I thought this book was way better than Alloy of Law. Sanderson finally gave me the worldbuilding I wanted and the meaty callbacks to the first books I was expecting. 5/5 for me.