Shannara Chronicles looks pretty good to me.


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I think this actually looks pretty good. I know good trailers have made bad shows before but it looks better than i expected.


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It still has that cheap-ish look and feel for which the most fantasy movies and series have paid with their demise.

When you watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Game of Thrones series, you get the very essential feel out of them that the creators poured as much money as they could to make their creations convey the feeling that "Okay, this is a fantasy world with hobbits, dragons, The Others, a 100 meter high snow barricade, but this world could've been real, those characters could've been real." Because the setting, the actors and the theme of the films is serious enough to give that feeling.

And when you watch for instance The Seeker of Truth or some D&D movie, you get the feeling that "Okay, the setting is wanting, but that was our budget, and the actors aren't that good, but that was our budget, and they cannot really behave like true creatures from a story without being over-the-top, but it's fantasy, so suck it up and enjoy the cute unrealistic dragon we have in the end of the series/film."

If I am to tell for the story from the trailer - there are two things standing out. Some of the scenes seem to have the mood of epicness, which is quite nice, but the actors faces/voices/speeches doesn't really sound that convincing. Say about The Twilight movies what you wish, but those guys know how to stare. The Shannara actors are lacking in that department in my opinion, at least in the trailer. And the guy from Spartacus and Arrow have always been over-reacting his parts, so I am going to need some solid performance from the whole actors cast to call this series worth of my time.

I really have nothing against this TV-series, I haven't read the books, so I won't hold things toward the cast or the directors over their adaptation choices, but if they half-ass the over-all feel of the series and make them ridiculous or damn right laughable, then that's on them.

For instance I didn't liked The Hobbit for that very reason - too many over-the-top moments and too much ridiculousness, on the top of too little story spread over too big piece of bread, with too much action scenes as seasoning.

When I talk about cheap-ish feeling, this is what I mean:

For me this take is too close, the lighting is poorly done and including the actor`s face, the whole thing looks ridiculous. And this guy is supposed to be a king or something. More like a presenter in a circus arena.

Director: Hey, assistant, what is the instruction for filming half-assed fantasy movies and series in the textbooks?
Assistant: It says - closer takes, sir. Helps hiding the lacking sets and clothes. See - point 1 in the first page.
Director: Oh, yeah, I remember studying that in college in 1980. What a great year this was. But ehm... how close exactly do I need to be?
Assistant: It says - the closer the better. If you make the actor back away from the camera, you are doing it right, sir.
Director: Thanks, Podrick, I wanted to be sure I am doing the things properly. Go tell the make-up team that they are to use the high-school prom make-up kit on the actors, would you?
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I'm liking the look of this. It does have a teen vibe to it, but then that suits the books just fine, they're aren't the most complicated set of characters. It looks like good whizz bang sort of fantasy adventure, plenty of magic, lots of brooding looks and cool costumes and they've upped the budget, but not completely relying on, the cgi.
I'll watch it while doing the ironing.


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I am not predicting the next Game of Thrones here. Let's be honest if we ever see another fantasy show in our life like that we will be lucky. I do think it has more production value than any fantasy show except GoT though (i know that's not saying a lot). From this trailer I am not predicting success or failure, I'm only saying it has taken me from only slightly intrigued to I'm at least giving it 2-3 episodes to hook me.

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I think this actually looks pretty good. I know good trailers have made bad shows before but it looks better than i expected.
This looks really cool. I absolutely hated this series (I read the original 3 books) and since then I've avoided everything else by Brooks, but this might just work as a series. It doesn't look profound or deep, rather a bit pulpy and action-oriented, but that's fine if the series doesn't take itself to seriously (which judging by the trailer it doesn't). I'm looking forward to this.


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I like the way it looks, but I wish I didn't know it was on MTV and could watch it without knowing that. I'm going to be wary the whole time of some Real World/Jersey Shore drama popping up.

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  • MTV
  • Shaved Gimli
  • Some "not-so-good" CGI in the trailer already
Count me in for the pilot with low expectations

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Sure, Favreau is good but so is David Fincher and look at Alien3. As soon as the big wigs started messing with the movie it turned out like that.

I'll still give it a try but with low expectations.


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I thought it was corny as hell, but in more of a fun 80's way (which is semi-consistent with the era the books were written in), rather than a 'I must drink vodka until I have erased the memory of this thing's existence' way. It's hard to gauge where it ranks as an MTV show, because MTV is pretty thoroughly terrible. I generally expect series based on books to be pretty bad at the start. I wasn't even that fond of GoT in the first few episodes. There's a lot of cram going on. Legend of the Seeker was also pretty godawful for like the first 6 episodes, before becoming fairly decent.

Also, I should note that I will be unnaturally predisposed toward this show because the girl from Pan's Labyrinth is in it, and that's simply how much I like Pan's Labyrinth, lol.

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Also, I should note that I will be unnaturally predisposed toward this show because the girl from Pan's Labyrinth is in it, and that's simply how much I like Pan's Labyrinth, lol.
One of my favorite movies of all time!


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I was not that disappointed. But then again my hopes weren't that high.
Actually I thought it would be really terrible but that is not the case.
Some moderate TV show, with a few nice twists like the steampunk elements.
The acting of the protagonists is however what I was expecting from an MTV TV show:hungover:

In the End I will give it a shot for a few further episodes because my wife liked it (she also liked the books although they are not so well received here I thought) and there is simply not so much fantasy in TV apart from Supernatural clones.


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I might give it another shot then. I didn't like The Arrow after the first 10 or so episodes but I really liked the second and third season. So I'll try it again sometime.


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... I had almost forgotten how much I disliked the first Shannara book, that is until I watched 45 minutes of it adapted to the little screen.
I am so over this sort of epic fantasy.