Shannara Chronicles looks pretty good to me.


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This is a cheesy, young adult TV show. Nowhere near the quality of LOTR or GOT but there are worse things on TV to watch. Watched the first 3 episodes so far and the ratings have fallen every week I believe. I don't think we'll see a season two if this continues as the show is supposed to be expensive to produce.

I think the bigger problem is people have largely moved on from the epic, high fantasy and this feels like a cheesy form of one. Characters are too stereotyped. Amberle is supposed to be good enough to win the challenge in ep1 and then acts like a dainty little girl much of the time. Allanon has a personality of cardboard. I'm guessing this is because of weak source material (haven't read the books).

The show is still entertaining if you keep your expectations in check. I'll keep watching. If this fails I hope it doesn't prevent better fantasy book adaptations.

On a side note, I had no idea the king played Gimli in LOTR. I never recognized him. Kind of embarrassing lol.


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John Rhys-Davies plays in gobs of embarrassingly cheesy B-movie (or lower) fantasy. This will be far from the most degrading thing he has done.

It definitely does look expensive (in some cases pointlessly we really need a fully rendered panoramic environments for places we are visiting a single tiny location in and will then never see again?), which is interesting considering what a crapshoot it was. Even GoT skimped on the production budget in the first season, by cutting out the climactic battles of the book and saying they'd need a Kickstarter or something to be able to afford it, and GoT was a much more sellable property because it already resembled the kind of thing HBO liked doing. Shannara certainly doesn't look anything like 'Ridiculous' or 'Craziest Party Stories' or 'Lip Sync Battle,' all of which I am only aware of the existence of because I see them during commercials. I feel like they're trying to appeal to entirely different markets.

I don't honestly think people have moved on from the epic high fantasy model as much as they aren't happy with how cheesy it is (I haven't read enough Shannara to know how much cheese comes from the books, or how much is just a part of how they make it). I'd be willing to bet a serious crack at Wheel of Time could be successful, even though it is one of the crown jewels of 'classic epic high fantasy.' Mistborn probably even more so, and probably more in line with the MTV generation (granted, it's also not really 'high' fantasy, but the tone is similar).


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The lead elf actress is super hot, so there`s that.

Considering that most of the established fantasy review forums( international and local ones) don't have a lot of nice things to say about Shannara and considering how not-so-good the trailer was, I was pleasantly surprised by the show.

I cannot say it's good or really good, or something like that. But after things like The Seeker of Truth and D&D movies, my expectations were... you could use the word "low".

Well, the series isn't THAT bad. It's bad in a "could've been better" way. While things like The Hobbit moves trilogy and that embarassing Wheel of Time pilot from a year ago are bad in a "Ought to be much, much better way", which is inexcusable. And I liked the part where we get cliffhangers in the end of the episodes. It's so refreshing compared to what The Seeker of Truth used to do - every episode for itself more or less, which get's boring when the good guys always win at the end of the episode.

So if 6.5/10 stands for 'could've been super awful, but it's on the right side of the line, even if barely, so that`s okay", then I give it 6.5/10 :) I would've probably gave it 5.5-6.0 if the lead actress wasn't so hot, cute and likable, but she is, and what can I say - sex sells.

But let's just say that this show is still in a place where it could get much worse, or much better. Hopefully it would be the latter, but I wouldn't bet money on it, so there's that.
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Agreed with pretty much everything you said above. Except I find Eretria (sp?), the Rover girl, to be hotter than Amberle.
Not hotter but more free. I like Amberle's eye. And I find show to be good but I was expecting Eragon the movie.


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I'm enjoying this show, very enetertaining in my opinion. Cheesiness and all.
I agree with a review I read somewhere that it's hit and miss: 1 good episode, then 2 bad--resorting to senseless bondage and misery like the worst barbarian fantasy. That actress who plays the elf princess is so darn cute though!


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Watched the first 4 episodes of this last night (finally got around to paying for Netflix!). Really enjoyed it. If you don't take it too seriously then it's extremely entertaining.


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To be honest... what you expect from the Brooks novels? The only thing that REALLY bugs me is Allanon, that has nothing to do with the original character. Will is ... Will. Dumbness and all.


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To be honest, when it comes to Allanon I kind of have some kind of an irrational dislike toward the actor who portrays him.

His role in Spartacus was both shallow and over-played, way beyond boring, his role in Arrow was the shit*y cherry in an already very awfully realized show, and now in Shannara... his character is just plain boring, cliche and again... way over-played.

I have nothing against the actor as a person, but man, imagine him as Jaime Lannister... he could totally ruin that role too. Or any other, really.

As for the Shannara show as a whole... I haven't read the books, but this is obviously a very dumbed down version of a story. To be honest I am not quite sure why this is the new norm for most TV/Movie productions.

If things like Game of Thrones doesn't inspire the producers creatively, surely they can guess from its success that most people, even teenagers, prefer at least some measure of complexity and subtext in their entertainment?