Snakewood by Adrian Selby


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Reviews looked mixed. The premise looks awesome (and it's being promoted by Miles Cameron somewhat). From the early reviews, it seems the book is good, but suffers from some problems that hold it back. Perhaps a good warm-up to the next book.

I will be reading this one and post my thoughts in a few weeks.


Journeyed there and back again
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Hmmm, careful Ben. GRRM endorsed Dinosaur Lords and we all know what a stinker that was.

This could be another Dinosaur Lord. I will endeavor to get my hands on the audiobook with all haste and let you guys know. The reviews seem mixed about it.


Became a Faceless Man
I tried to read this book...I really did.

Its got all the requirements of a great fantasy; unique magic system, well thought out world, some excellent character potential, gritty writing etc etc

But it is in the execution that it just lets itself down..It takes so damn long for the plot to get going, and when it does, you realize that there is nothing great about it.

The POVs are also way too fragmented, and one of the main characters has this "uneducated village bumpkin" lingo that is supposed to lend depth, but the weird and twisty grammar just gave me a headache (somewhat like how Arlen degenerated back to his villager twang).

Some people may like this book, but I just couldn't finish it.


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Ah man, I haven't read this one. But the reviews are almost universally bad on Good Reads and Amazon -- and we know these are usually almost always 4 or 5 stars (which says something about the quality of such reviews, but).

It doesn't look good for this one. I haven't read it just yet.


Journeyed there and back again
that's a shame, I liked the look of this. I read a thing with the author and he did sound like a bit of a 90s acid casualty, which worried me that the execution might not be up to the concept... (takes one to know one;)

Red Lion

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So this book really started out confusing and I almost gave up on it but I would recommend people sticking it out til the end. I felt as the story went on and I got used to his writing style I was able to enjoy it. I know most people did not like this book but I did. I think if the author works on the way he puts his stories together I feel his books will be better and better and I'm a fan 7/10