**Spoilers** Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

Jon Snow

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I hated the ending. Though true to Hobb form, I can't believe she put me and the characters through more pain and suffering right until the end.

I cried when Molly died, but I couldn't do it for this ending.


I'm out.



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The author in me respects her for the ending, it was a damn backstabbing thing to do to Fitz after he have been feeding her for so many years, but it felt somehow proper and right in a very twisted way.

The reader in me, however, has been left to hang. The book was too meandering in sub-plots I personally didn't care about, like at all, and the bitter end of Fitz did feel like a few steps too much on Hobb's part. I'd always remember this series with the bitter taste of Hobb going the soap-opera way literally at every possible turn - that's the main thing I dislike in her writing. She never let's the characters to communicate effectively or to have a break, and it weakens her story and certainly puts some people off of her writing - I did quit on Fitz' story after the Assassin Apprentice book, only to dive into the second one half a year later, because the completionist in me just couldn't have a break. :)