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Thanks for pointing that out Allan! I see the website owner sneakily added his own book as well :)


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What a great dragon too. Thanks Allan.

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I came across a book today on the Daily Deals titled “The New Voices Of Fantasy”. Which got me to thinking. I quickly thought of seven authors here just off the top my head (alphabetically: Alice @Alice Sabo
Allan @ABatch Davis @Davis Ashura ,
Extended @ExTended Jo @jo zebedee
Matticus @Matticus Primal
and Tanniel @Tanniel I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten (apologies), or that I’m unaware of.

Sooooo...I’m wondering whether any of you have considered or actually discussed collaborating on a book of fantasy/SF short stories with all of the other forum members who write and supplementing it with additional authors if needed? That would be cool and you could even plug this forum in the foreward. The only drawback that I can think of is if somebody’s writing or stories were deemed substandard it would be awkward for the editor(s) to exclude. Then again, every short story collection seems to have their share of duds.

Or is that a DIDNT? (Dumb Idea Darth Nice Try).
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That's actually a great idea! I'm busy finishing up a novel at the moment, but I'd also be up for it if it works out and I do end up having a short that would fit in.

*goes to start a thread for it in the author section of the forum*

ETA - that poster with the dragon is super awesome! :)