Sunset over Abendau - free!

jo zebedee

Journeyed there and back again
Just a heads up that Sunset Over Abendau, book two of the Inheritance Trilogy, is up free on Amazon and it would be lovely to see it dart up the charts! (For anyone interested in trying Abendau the first book is on offer in a couple of days, too)

Book 2 takes place 10 years after Abendau's Heir, it's my personal favourite of the trilogy, is very taut, fast-paced and tons of character development.

Some of the feedback on it:

"the story transforms into a finger burning, page turning race to the end. This is shaping up to be a series that will place the author up there with the 'names' in Science Fiction. It is said that women are under represented in Sci-Fi writing - Jo Zebedee might just be taking steps to rectify that."- Andy Angel

"It's not often that a reader sees the second book in a series outshine the first in so many ways." JLD

"Jo Zebedee tells a story with the same high quality and believability of Banks, Garth Ennis, Joe Lansdale and Bernard Cornwell; all authors who create incredibly hostile, violent environments with a narrative voice you'd swear came from a career of military service and experience." Stephen Gordon

"some of the best characterizations I’ve seen in a millennium. Complex characters. A thrilling storyline. An exotic, well thought-out Universe. A series that screams to one day be put on the big-screen. I proudly hand out my first 10 out of 10 in a very long time! - Cathbad