Sunweaver by Ryan W. Mueller

Ryan W. Mueller

Ran bridges next to Kaladin
Today, I released the first book in a new series. It's titled Sunweaver, and it's set in a world where a war between the gods almost destroyed the sun. Now the world has turned cold, but society has survived due to the competing magics of Sunweaving and Fireweaving.

Here's the description:

The sun is dying. The world has turned to ice. Only the Sunlord can keep humanity alive.

Deril was supposed to be the next Sunlord, following in his father’s footsteps. But it doesn’t matter how much Deril trains. He is no savior, just an ordinary Sunweaver, powerful but useless. But then Fireweavers kidnap his father, intending to use his Sunlord powers to free their mad god. Now Deril must infiltrate a secret Fireweaver organization and earn their trust. If he doesn't, the mad god will kill all Sunweavers. Driven insane by centuries of imprisonment, he may even finish what he started...and destroy the sun entirely.

Rella is a Fireweaver living in secret. When her powers are discovered, she must flee to the frozen wasteland Fireweavers call home. There, she’ll come face-to-face with her family’s darkest secrets and with the plot to free the mad god. She has the chance to stop it, but first she’ll have to decide if she can support Sunweavers, the people who executed her mother. The people who would do the same to her without a thought.

Kadin is Lightless. He has no Sunweaving or Fireweaving talent. Sold into slavery by his abusive father, he struggles to survive under his cruel master. But when Kadin manifests strange abilities, he begins to suspect he isn't as powerless as he once thought. He may even be the key to stopping the mad god's return...but only if he first conquers the anger and darkness within him.

Maark Abbott

Journeyed there and back again
As someone who hates sunlight due to acute photophobia, I'm intrigued, and leaning towards siding with that mad god. The premise is certainly interesting, and it kind of makes me think of an inversion of Rawn's Sunrunner series.