The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...


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arseer Trilogy
This is probably the most obvious one. These books are too slow, characterization is good, but plot just doesn't progress and the certainly the traveling trope in book 3 is boring as hell. I really had to fight my way through the pages.
The farseer trilogy..really excited at the beginning,first book was,"okay,I can get into this",second book,going downhill and real fast. Hate the characters,except Nighteyes,the humans riled me up. Fitz,to be blunt came off as a jarhead with magic,led this way and everywhere by other people and whined about it. Hate Burrich,no humour,dullard with his damn leather harness fixing. Regal is a over the top asshole,couldn't even take him seriously. The raiders were interesting but again, seems overdone. Third mental feet had blisters from all that walking,don't want to see the word,campfire for a while. So yep..hate the farseer trilogy.
I could not agree more. Also I find the dying and reviving in the wolf creepy.


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Tigana - Written extensively, I think

Joe Abercrombie - Sorry. This was the author du jour when I joined the forums, and I know he maintains a huge fanbase here. Only thing I like of his is his dialogue, and he's not the only writer who can do funny fantasy snark.

Riddle Master of Hed - I love Patricia McKillip. I buy basically all her books. But this one seems to be described most often as her best work. And it really sucks.


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Now I'm beginning to think that @Boreas ,@Alucard ,@Danica and me are the only ones on this forum who actually liked Tigana.

Who knew ?
Yes, I really did love Tigana, but I read it when I hadn't yet turned 19 and haven't read it since. The next GGK work I read was The Sarantine Mosaic, which I thought was a better crafted story, though "Tigana" had more of a visceral impact. The build-up with The Sarantine Mosaic was more subtle, layers being revealed at a time and reaching a crescendo of emotional depth equal to "Tigana" by the end.

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I thought of another one. It's not a book that gets discussed here. But it was a darling of the critics and of authors and won a Hugo award, a Nebula award, and a British Fantasy Award.

Among Others by Jo Walton

I cannot express how awful I thought this book was (but I'm going to try).

It was like reading a 13-year-old's blog (because it basically was formatted as a teenager/preteen's diary). It was all these lists of 1970s sci fi and fantasy and then schoolgirl chitchat like about who was feuding with whom that week and who was sending whom buns from the bakery. Then all the exciting stuff happened OFF THE PAGE. Like the climax is one page and the major event from early on that shapes the main character isn't even described, although it takes place within the story timeline.


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Do you have one of these?

Just read the post from @ofer saying he'd finished the Broken Empire trilogy. Nearly everyone on here and on other forums enjoyed these books, but I'd put it towards the bottom end of fantasy series I've read so far, if I were to rank them.
I knew I was being drawn back to the forum for a reason. I loathe Prince of Thorns.

I'm also not overly crazy about The Lies of Locke Lamora, but I keep reading that series anyway. It's like I somehow think if I continue with the series, Scott Lynch will eventually write the book I want instead of the ones he clearly intends to continue writing.

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I never actually finished it but The Dragonbone Chair left me bored out of my mind after 300 pages. I'll probably try and finish it one day but for now it fits this thread pretty well.


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I think a lot of these books that everyone seems to love aren't necessarily books that everyone gets along with well. They just seem to because they have a lot of rabid fans that will go after you for not liking their favorite book. I'm thinking Malazan, Tigana, Hobb's stuff, Mieville's stuff, and Broken Empires. None of these are universally loved. However, there was one book I recently read that is universally loved, which for some reason having to do with maybe a disconnectivity in my brain, I didn't get along with well at all. That book is the Martian, which I did not finish and I didn't even bother to rate on Goodreads. I thought parts of it were very entertaining and I liked the voice of the narrator but that wasn't enough to keep me engaged. The science parts seemed too plausible and mundane for my taste. I just don't get science so when I see science in a novel I like it to be the fake kind.


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I hope to tell you soon as I bought it on Saturday
I sincerely hope you like it. I hate being disappointed in a book. I wouldn't want that for you either.

I'm aware that my feelings on this book are highly negative. Everything about it just rubbed me the wrong way.
It wasn't just the book length which I agree is way too long, but dull ass characters, world building I didn't give two cents about, and tedious long monologues inside people's heads on religion and gods. Add to that really bad dialogue. There's no way around it, I really hate everything about it.


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I have to admit my opinion doesn't stray that far what you've said, although it didn't bother me quite as much. Safe to say I hope Sanderson doesn't return to that world.