The Dread Wyrm by Miles Cameron


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Just finished reading The Dread Wyrm by Miles Cameron, book 3 in his Traitor's Son Cycle.

Overall, I liked it. Cameron is definetly doing his own thing here with his fantasy writings. He combines fantasy with detailed medieval realism (realistic and researched landscapes, military tactics, locations, armor, horsemanship, food, etc). The blend between sword and sorcery heroic fantasy with medieval realism is a nice complement you don't often see in fantasy.

There's a ton of characters, but I think the author does a good job at building up some complex characters. This is more than just a story about knights, magic, and mayhem. There's a LOT going on between the covers and the story threads are quite complex at this point. There is even multi-universe / parallel worlds going on at this point behind the scenes in Book 3. So book 1 starts simple, but by book 3, the world, story, and plot is quite vast.

Highly recommended. If you don't care about all the detailing of medieval life, then you can still sink your teeth on non-stop action and knights, sorcerers, monsters, and dragons bashing the shit out of each other with sword, tooth, and magical spells.

Interested to see where Book 4 goes.

I rate this book 8/10