The first book you read, or other significant hallmarks that may show your age.

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I am, however, not entirely sure whether software companies would have agreed with the concept how we applied it then (or at least, to which software titles we applied it).
Oh, I know. I had an entire copy of Quarkxpress on 3.5 inch floppies. (Current version retails for $189.) I don't even remember what on earth I wanted it for, or where I got it.


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This whole thread has become quite apposite for me as I munched my way through half of Ready Player One last night.
In terms of software - I remember most of my copied stuff in the early 90s came from a guy who was the local representative of FAST.
That's: Federation Against Software Theft.
I think he only joined for the irony.

This is the machine I'll always think of as the faithful companion of my youth:


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Best peripheral I ever built for it was when I took the trucks off a skateboard, dismembered an old Atari controller and with the aid of a lot of tape and tin foil created a control for driving games - I used it like a hover board to play powerdrift...


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C:\Games\Doom\Doom.Exe ENTER
C:\Games\Doom2\Doom2.Exe ENTER

That sums up my knowledge and experience at DOS commands. Mind you, I got good mileage out of those two. :)