The future of fantasy


Journeyed there and back again
Hey folks,

Trundling across from this thread I am pleased to announce a third chapter of a story which either;
a) Encompasses the distilled knowledge of a group experts to create a work that pre-sages trends in modern fantasy.
b) Is a bit of a laugh whose setting and tone was pretty much designed by committee.
You choose.

Marvel at the power of the @Alucard. Tremble at the thought of a deadly @ofer. Wonder at how the hell I'm going to get @sopranosfan and @Sneaky Burrito 's names into it at some point.
A like gets another chapter if you want one (I've a bit of time off over crimbo so I might even get it down a bit quicker if I stay sober enough).



Journeyed there and back again
I guess there are worse fates
You may not think so when you find out how revolting @ofer is...
In the next exciting instalment of that serial thing which really should have a name if I do any more to it...

I'm enjoying writing this stuff immensely, not least of all as it's prompting some good ideas on other threads which is really helping me out. Give us a like if you're happy to see another chapter posted up here, but I'm conscious with all the spammy self-pubs that have been about lately that it might not be behaviour to be encouraged...


Journeyed there and back again
As I write this I can hear this in my head...

Another exciting episode of this slightly bawdy romp! Monsters! Falchions! Dwarfs!
Will the intrepid seekers of the @Alucard be able to foil the evil @ofer ?
Will new board members and topics make cameo appearances?
No, actually. But I reckon I can get @sopranosfan and a shed full of Octopi in the next one if it happens
Will I write another chapter? (a like'd do it)
Does anyone want to give it a name?
Read on...
<music fades>

Seriously, does anyone want to give it a name? Based on some of the threads either Puns or single word ones are quite in favour. So here's a couple of suggestions, let me know if any sound good;
The Selfish
Elf Dorado
Ship of Fools

I also tried a little thing I saw the other day for making up band names. Type gibberish into your phone text message and let autocorrect work it's magic. Try it.. it gets stuff like this;
Inert Chief
Bewildered Huddle


Journeyed there and back again
No sign of Mr. Fluffy yet... but don't worry - he's coming.

It's time to make that #Grimlite©®™ trade of laughs for blood.
(bit like where Abercrombie has a pleasant emotion then kills everyone, except the death toll exacted is lower)

It's a jungle out there in chapter 7....