The Grail of Sir Thomas by Russian bestselling writer

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  1. Greetings to everyone. I am a fan of Yury Nikitin, a famous Russian science fiction and fantasy writer. I would love his books to be available not to Russian readers only but to everyone in the world.

    Together with other fans, we have translated one of Yury Nikitin's novels, an action-packed historical fantasy story, in English to offer it FOR FREE to all English-speaking lovers of this genre. It's an absolutely non-commercial project: just a gift to everyone who would like to try a piece of some completely new reading.

    We shall be happy if you find some free time to become one of the first readers of this book. Feel free to give your feedback: any remarks and comments on the text.

    About the book: When Sir Thomas, a hero of the Crusade, found the Holy Grail, that was just a beginning of his dangerous and unpredictable quest. The way back to his home Britain lies across hot wild Saracen deserts and the treacherous city of Constantinople. Assassins, villains, hirelings, and blood-thirsty savages seem to be dogging him. To deal with the dangers, Thomas has a good long sword, a brave heart and valiant soul… and also a mysterious companion, a pilgrim from the far northern land of Scythia who came to the knight’s aid for some own reasons.

    About the author: Yury Nikitin is a famous Russian writer of science fiction and fantasy. Each of his books becomes a bestseller, due to their unique, compelling and capturing style. His novels combine Slavic and Anglo-Saxon mythology to create a fascinating new reality where his heroes fight, love, seek, and perform incredible feats.

    Links to download the book:
    .DOC The Grail of Sir Thomas
    .PDF The Grail of Sir Thomas
    .FB2 The Grail of Sir Thomas
    .TXT The Grail of Sir Thomas

    Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to post them in this thread. I shall be glad to help you find out more about our project, about Yury Nikitin and his books.
  2. Bierschneeman

    Bierschneeman Journeyed there and back again

    downloaded, but a couple of questions, the information I pull up on him is very limited (in english) and his website is obviously in Russian

    you provide it and I will read, but, why is it free, is it lacking in copyrights?

    how does this fit in to his other works, I looked up his bibliography and I don't see this title ( I found two possible matches, Holy Grail (Russian: Святой грааль), Return of the Thomas (Russian: Возвращение Томаса)) is this book a later sequel to The Three From the Forest?
  3. Dear Bierschneeman, thank you for your reply.

    Yes, Yury Nikitin has no English website currently, but we are working to improve the situation. For the present, I am ready to answer any questions you have.

    Copyrights are OK: all the rights on this book belong to Mr. Nikitin, and we have his agreement. The book is for free because we want to attract as many readers as possible. If the project is a success, we will consider the option of making the following translated books commercial, with the author getting royalties from all the sales.

    The Grail of Sir Thomas is the English version of The Holy Grail. And yes, it is a sequel to The Three From the Forest, but at the same time it, together with the following three books (The Stonehenge, The Revelation, The Return of Sir Thomas), forms a sub-cycle that can be read separately.

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