The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (Spoilers Ahead)

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    Oops a little late, but here's the thread in question: Linky linky
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    Okay back to LOTR.
    Despite my views on the essay condemning it, I rather like LOTR. I like the hobbit better and I think PJs version is greatly superior. EDIT: PJs version of LOTR that is.

    I was introduced to the hobbit by watching the old Rankin Bast cartoon. And at age eight when I felt too old for Narnia and things similar, read the book. Age 9 started LOTR.

    I prefer The movies because I think they scraped a lot of that, (then seven years later I wrote a Note) stuff. As well as making sure that evil was actually menacing, rather than in the books it just being a nousense (sp) in their sun lit picnic area.

    One could also see a bit of the old 1st estate bourgeois in it. I mean a bunch of princes galavanting across the countryside to protect the mir from Industrialization.
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