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    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

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    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    So here they are, the series that have currently been ranked by 44 board members so far (Status: 9 May, 2015).

    "Ranked" means that each of these series received at least 3 ratings from board members - those are numerical rating ranging from 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good).

    I seem to have some issue to upload the images, so the new rankings are only available in text form (To see more details, download the ranking sheet for all the information!):

    1: Stormlight Archive, Brandon Sanderson : 9.05
    2: A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin : 8.63
    3: Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss : 8.42
    4: Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien : 8.25
    5: Liveship Traders, Robin Hobb : 8.22
    6: Dresden Files, Jim Butcher : 8.18
    7: The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien : 8.07
    8: Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Scott Lynch : 8.05
    9: Malazan Book of the Fallen, Steven Erikson : 8.00
    10: Dracula, Bram Stoker : 7.99
    11: Mistborn, Brandon Sanderson : 7.96
    12: Good Omens, Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman : 7.91
    13: Immortal Treacheries, Allan Batchelder : 7.90
    14: The Stand, Stephen King : 7.89
    15: Raven's Shadow, Anthony Ryan : 7.89
    16: Lightbringer Series, Brent Weeks : 7.85
    17: Long Price Quartet, Daniel Abraham : 7.83
    18: First Law World / The Heroes, Joe Abercrombie : 7.81
    19: First Law Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie : 7.81
    20: Dagger and the Coin, Daniel Abraham : 7.81
    21: Malazan Empire, Ian Esslemont : 7.77
    22: Chronicles of the Black Company, Glen Cook : 7.75
    23: Tales of Dunk and Egg , George R. R. Martin : 7.75
    24: Conan, Robert E. Howard : 7.72
    25: Tawny Man Trilogy, Robin Hobb : 7.63
    26: Farseer Trilogy, Robin Hobb : 7.63
    27: The Dark Tower, Stephen King : 7.55
    28: Riyria Revelations, Michael J. Sullivan : 7.45
    29: Rithmatist, Brandon Sanderson : 7.45
    30: Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan : 7.44
    31: Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne, Brian Staveley : 7.43
    32: Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling : 7.41
    33: Bas-Lag, New Crobuzon, China Mieville : 7.41
    34: Bartimaeus series, Jonathan Stroud : 7.38
    35: Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Tad Williams : 7.37
    36: Shadow Campaigns, Django Wexler : 7.35
    37: Master and Magarita, Michael Bulgakov : 7.32
    38: Dune Chronicles, Frank Herbert : 7.25
    39: Drenai Series, David Gemmell : 7.22
    40: Fevre Dream, George R. R. Martin : 7.17
    41: Tales of the Kin, Douglas Hulick : 7.16
    42: Mistborn: Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson : 7.14
    43: Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover : 7.14
    44: Codex Alera, Jim Butcher : 7.13
    45: Magicians trilogy, Lev Grossmann : 7.12
    46: Tigana, Guy Kavriel Kay : 7.11
    47: Discworld, Terry Pratchett : 7.04
    48: Elantris, Brandon Sanderson : 7.03
    49: Chalion Series, Lois McMaster Bujold : 7.00
    50: Broken Empire, Mark Lawrence : 6.98
    51: Princess Bride, William Goldman : 6.98
    52: I am Legend, Richard Matheson : 6.98
    53: American Gods, Neil Gaiman : 6.98
    54: Reckoners Series, Brandon Sanderson : 6.85
    55: Salem's Lot, Stephen King : 6.84
    56: Silmarillion, J. R. R. Tolkien : 6.84
    57: The Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis : 6.82
    58: Swans' War Trilogy, Sean Russell : 6.81
    59: War of the Flowers, Tad Williams : 6.76
    60: Elric Saga, Michael Moorcock : 6.75
    61: Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman : 6.74
    62: Lyonnese, Jack Vance : 6.73
    63: Night Angel, Brent Weeks : 6.72
    64: Night Watch Series, Sergeij Lukyanenko : 6.72
    65: Tales of the Ketty Jay, Chris Wooding : 6.70
    66: Earthsea Quartet, Ursula Le Guin : 6.68
    67: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Kevin Hearne : 6.67
    68: Shattered Seas Trilogy, Joe Abercrombie : 6.65
    69: Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern : 6.63
    70: Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman : 6.61
    71: First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Stephan Donaldson : 6.59
    72: Cthulhu mythos, H.P. Lovecraft : 6.50
    73: Zothique, Clark Ashton Smith : 6.50
    74: City & the City, China Mieville : 6.50
    75: Kingdom of Thorn and Bone, Greg Keyes : 6.50
    76: Powder Mage Trilogy, Brian McClennan : 6.42
    77: Troy Trilogy, David Gemmell : 6.41
    78: The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski : 6.37
    79: Warbreaker, Brandon Sanderson : 6.37
    80: Macht Trilogy, Paul Kearney : 6.35
    81: Chathrand Voyages, Robert V. S. Reddick : 6.29
    82: Anubis Gates, Tim Powers : 6.29
    83: The Dying Earth, Jack Vance : 6.28
    84: The Divine Cities, Robert Jackson Bennett : 6.25
    85: Sword of Shadows, J. V. Jones : 6.23
    86: Emperor's Soul, Brandon Sanderson : 6.23
    87: Prince of Nothing, R. Scott Bakker : 6.19
    88: His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman : 6.18
    89: Chronicles of Amber, Roger Zelazny : 6.18
    90: Gormenghast, Mervyn Peake : 6.17
    91: Bloodsounders Arc, Jeff Salyards : 6.13
    92: Monarchy of Gods, Paul Kearney : 6.13
    93: Shadowmarch Trilogy, Tad Williams : 6.13
    94: Aspect Emperor, R. Scott Bakker : 6.05
    95: Empire Trilogy, Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts : 6.00
    96: Lions of Al-Rassan, Guy Kavriel Kay : 6.00
    97: The Folding Knife, K. J. Parker : 6.00
    98: Knights of Dark Renown, David Gemmell : 5.98
    99: Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman : 5.97
    100: Coldfire Trilogy, C. S. Friedman : 5.96
    101: Demon Cycle, Peter V. Brett : 5.95
    102: Alex Verus series, Benedict Jacka : 5.94
    103: A Man of His Word, Dave Duncan : 5.93
    104: Stardust, Neil Gaiman : 5.91
    105: Grim Company, Luke Scull : 5.88
    106: Mythago Wood Cycle, Robert Holdstack : 5.88
    107: Rain Wild Chronicles, Robin Hobb : 5.88
    108: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Susanna Clarke : 5.87
    109: Eyes of the Dragon, Stephen King : 5.86
    110: Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman : 5.79
    111: The Talisman, Stephen King : 5.78
    112: Riftwar Saga, Raymond E Feist : 5.77
    113: Coraline, Neil Gaiman : 5.70
    114: Acacia Trilogy, David Anthony Durham : 5.70
    115: The Fitz and The Fool, Robin Hobb : 5.57
    116: Death Gate Cycle, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman : 5.49
    117: The Belgariad, David Eddings : 5.48
    118: Under Heaven, Guy Kavriel Kay : 5.47
    119: Legion Series, Brandon Sanderson : 5.47
    120: Crown of Stars, Kate Elliot : 5.43
    121: Neverending Story, Michael Ende : 5.39
    122: Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser, Fritz Leiber : 5.35
    123: Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins : 5.33
    124: The Runelords, David Farland : 5.26
    125: Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, Stephen Erikson : 5.25
    126: Inheritance Trilogy, NK Jemisin : 5.24
    127: The Cinder Spires, Jim Butcher : 5.16
    128: The Fionavar Tapestry, Guy Kavriel Kay : 5.15
    129: Dark Elf Trilogy, R.A. Salvatore : 5.07
    130: A Song for Arbonne, Guy Kavriel Kay : 5.05
    131: Sarantine Mosaic, Guy Kavriel Kay : 5.05
    132: Artemis Fowl Series, Eoin Colfer : 5.00
    133: Braided Path, Chris Wooding : 4.95
    134: Talion: Revenant, Michael A. Stackpole : 4.95
    135: Book of the New Sun, Gene Wolfe : 4.88
    136: Deverry Cycle, Katherine Kerr : 4.88
    137: Imajica, Clive Barker : 4.88
    138: River of Stars , Guy Kavriel Kay : 4.88
    139: Soldier Son Trilogy, Robin Hobb : 4.88
    140: Twilight Reign Series, Tom Lloyd : 4.88
    141: Echoes of the Empire Trilogy, Mark T Barnes : 4.75
    142: Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman : 4.75
    143: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll : 4.75
    144: Godless World Trilogy, Brian Ruckley : 4.38
    145: Abhorsen Trilogy, Garth Nix : 4.33
    146: Dandelion Dynasty, Ken Liu : 4.25
    147: Psalms of Isaak, Ken Scholes : 4.25
    148: Riyria Chronicles, Michael J. Sullivan : 4.25
    149: The Mallorean, David Eddings : 4.25
    150: The Elenium, David Eddings : 4.23
    151: Avalon Series, Marion Zimmer Bradley : 3.92
    152: Xanth, Piers Anthony : 3.86
    153: Original Shannara Trilogy, Terry Brooks : 3.84
    154: Dragonlance - War of Souls Trilogy, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman : 3.69
    155: Sword of Truth, Terry Goodkind : 3.34
    156: Demonwars Saga, R.A. Salvatore : 3.13
    157: Twilight Series, Stephanie Myers : 3.07
    158: Wizard Knight, Gene Wolfe : 2.63
    159: Inheritance Cycle, Christopher Paolini : 2.62
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  3. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Some words of explanation:

    The series/books are ranked by the column "adjusted average" that basically makes a little discount if some books have only received a few ratings. A book with 3 votes only will thus only receive 75 % of the score entered by the people rating it, once it has 20 votes, it receives the full score.

    Other changes to the list are, that I have
    - checked every entry, and, for series, added the title of the first book.
    This has led to some entries vanishing from the list (e.g. some books by Joe Abercrombie) that were actually parts of series that were already mentioned, and some entries being re-named
    - removed a few non-fantasy books, e.g. some of Brad Melzer's thrillers.
    - added a number of new and old books that were mentioned in other threads, but so far not mentioned in the ranking.

    So now we also have a total of 250 more books and series that are currently not in the ranking, as they have received less than 3 votes each. The more people who participate, the more books will be in the ranking, hopefully.

    HERE is the link, where you can find the ranking file to download (updated 07/10/2015)!
    Macintosh CSV version for those who have trouble with the Windows Excel file.

    Please download the file, fill it in, do not forget to put in your BFB user name, and mail it to me under the address !
    Also please drop me a PN so I know to check the mailbox....

    EDIT: 22.9.2015 ***** I just had to make the first major change to the rating system, and that is how books with only very few votes would be taken into consideration. In the first version of the list, a book with 2 votes only would not be ranked at all, while one with 3 votes would not receive the full points, but only 95% of the average score provided by the people rating it.

    I found out that this was not sufficient, when with the last rating received, the book "The Master and Margarita" got its long awaited third rating ... And immediately shot to the first place of the list, absolutely unreachably in front with an average adjusted score of about 9.5.

    So rather than trying to explain why an obscure anti-communist book from the 1930's, beloved by some forum members as it may be, is the best fantasy book ever written, I decided to adapt the adjustment factor, so that books with very few ratings would not be featured as prominently. The ranking of the list largely stayed the same, with some books with few ratings moving down a number of places of course. Well, if they are really good and if more people read them, they will move up again.

    I have not posted the updated list, as I am currently on a business trip, and need to put in the feedback that is currently coming in.
    I will post the updated version some time early next week *****

    EDIT: 19.11.2015 *****
    Rankings have been updated after receiving votes from Laughing Mime, Fantam, Allan Batchelder, GreyMouser, YordanZH, eXtended, Cyphon and Kalavan as well as updates of earlier rankings from Alucard, Sneaky Burrito, Tom TB, Moonspawn, Ofer, Nikos4, Jon Snow, Khartun, Fantam, Buffy V Slayer and Antoxx himself.

    Edit: 6.1.2016
    For the new year, the rankings by Darwin and L3Gacy have been added, and some small corrections by SilvionNights.

    Edit: 26.1.2016: Added updated entries from Cyphon and those directly received in this thread.

    This brings us from 86 ranked series earlier to now 139 ranked series.

    Edit: 9.5.2016 **************

    Includes updates and new rankings from Moonspawn, Darth Tater, Silvion Nights, Kenubrion and Sn0mm1s. Now a total of 146 books have enough ratings to be on the ranked list.

    Edit: 16.5.2016 ****************

    A comprehensive upgrade from Amaryllis brings us to 159 books on the ranked list!!! Awesome!
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    @Derk of Derkholm
    Sooooo...can we have a link to the excel file?
    later today. got it.
  5. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Here is a text version with the old ranking: (Status 6/1/2016 and before 28/09/2015)

    Ranking: Name of series (Old Ranking), Author / Adjusted average / Number of votes

    1: Stormlight Archive (Old: 1) , Brandon Sanderson/ 9.05/27
    2: A Song of Ice and Fire (Old: 2) , George R. R. Martin/ 8.63/34
    3: Kingkiller Chronicles (Old: 6) , Patrick Rothfuss/ 8.42/28
    4: Lord of the Rings (Old: 3) , J. R. R. Tolkien/ 8.25/34
    5: Liveship Traders (Old: 5) , Robin Hobb/ 8.22/11
    6: Dresden Files (Old: 13) , Jim Butcher/ 8.18/21
    7: The Hobbit (Old: 11) , J. R. R. Tolkien/ 8.07/25
    8: Gentleman Bastard Sequence (Old: 16) , Scott Lynch/ 8.05/21
    9: Malazan Book of the Fallen (Old: 4) , Steven Erikson/ 8.00/28
    10: Dracula (Old: not ranked) , Bram Stoker/ 7.99/5
    11: Mistborn (Old: 12) , Brandon Sanderson/ 7.96/32
    12: Good Omens (Old: 8) , Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman/ 7.91/7
    13: Immortal Treacheries (Old: not ranked) , Allan Batchelder/ 7.90/7
    14: The Stand (Old: 18) , Stephen King/ 7.89/9
    15: Raven's Shadow (Old: 7) , Anthony Ryan/ 7.89/16
    16: Lightbringer Series (Old: 38) , Brent Weeks/ 7.85/19
    17: Long Price Quartet (Old: 15) , Daniel Abraham/ 7.83/14
    18: First Law World / The Heroes (Old: 30) , Joe Abercrombie/ 7.81/17
    19: First Law Trilogy (Old: 14) , Joe Abercrombie/ 7.81/28
    20: Dagger and the Coin (Old: 29) , Daniel Abraham/ 7.81/14
    21: Malazan Empire (Old: 9) , Ian Esslemont/ 7.77/6
    22: Chronicles of the Black Company (Old: 20) , Glen Cook/ 7.75/20
    23: Tales of Dunk and Egg (Old: not ranked) , George R. R. Martin/ 7.75/7
    24: Conan (Old: not ranked) , Robert E. Howard/ 7.72/7
    25: Tawny Man Trilogy (Old: 17) , Robin Hobb/ 7.63/15
    26: Farseer Trilogy (Old: 10) , Robin Hobb/ 7.63/30
    27: The Dark Tower (Old: 21) , Stephen King/ 7.55/12
    28: Riyria Revelations (Old: 51) , Michael J. Sullivan/ 7.45/7
    29: Rithmatist (Old: 19) , Brandon Sanderson/ 7.45/8
    30: Wheel of Time (Old: 35) , Robert Jordan/ 7.44/29
    31: Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne (Old: not ranked) , Brian Staveley/ 7.43/9
    32: Harry Potter (Old: 34) , J. K. Rowling/ 7.41/15
    33: Bas-Lag, New Crobuzon (Old: 46) , China Mieville/ 7.41/9
    34: Bartimaeus series (Old: 36) , Jonathan Stroud/ 7.38/11
    35: Memory, Sorrow and Thorn (Old: 37) , Tad Williams/ 7.37/12
    36: Shadow Campaigns (Old: not ranked) , Django Wexler/ 7.35/6
    37: Master and Magarita (Old: not ranked) , Michael Bulgakov/ 7.32/7
    38: Dune Chronicles (Old: 28) , Frank Herbert/ 7.25/10
    39: Drenai Series (Old: 48) , David Gemmell/ 7.22/11
    40: Fevre Dream (Old: 50) , George R. R. Martin/ 7.17/9
    41: Tales of the Kin (Old: not ranked) , Douglas Hulick/ 7.16/4
    42: Mistborn: Alloy of Law (Old: 41) , Brandon Sanderson/ 7.14/7
    43: Acts of Caine (Old: not ranked) , Matthew Stover/ 7.14/10
    44: Codex Alera (Old: 32) , Jim Butcher/ 7.13/13
    45: Magicians trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Lev Grossmann/ 7.12/6
    46: Tigana (Old: 27) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 7.11/14
    47: Discworld (Old: 53) , Terry Pratchett/ 7.04/12
    48: Elantris (Old: 43) , Brandon Sanderson/ 7.03/19
    49: Chalion Series (Old: 22) , Lois McMaster Bujold/ 7.00/7
    50: Broken Empire (Old: 58) , Mark Lawrence/ 6.98/24
    51: Princess Bride (Old: 31) , William Goldman/ 6.98/7
    52: I am Legend (Old: not ranked) , Richard Matheson/ 6.98/7
    53: American Gods (Old: 49) , Neil Gaiman/ 6.98/20
    54: Reckoners Series (Old: 40) , Brandon Sanderson/ 6.85/9
    55: Salem's Lot (Old: 52) , Stephen King/ 6.84/8
    56: Silmarillion (Old: 26) , J. R. R. Tolkien/ 6.84/10
    57: The Chronicles of Narnia (Old: 54) , C. S. Lewis/ 6.82/14
    58: Swans' War Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Sean Russell/ 6.81/4
    59: War of the Flowers (Old: 44) , Tad Williams/ 6.76/5
    60: Elric Saga (Old: 67) , Michael Moorcock/ 6.75/7
    61: Neverwhere (Old: 33) , Neil Gaiman/ 6.74/9
    62: Lyonnese (Old: not ranked) , Jack Vance/ 6.73/3
    63: Night Angel (Old: 60) , Brent Weeks/ 6.72/13
    64: Night Watch Series (Old: not ranked) , Sergeij Lukyanenko/ 6.72/6
    65: Tales of the Ketty Jay (Old: not ranked) , Chris Wooding/ 6.70/5
    66: Earthsea Quartet (Old: 74) , Ursula Le Guin/ 6.68/11
    67: The Iron Druid Chronicles (Old: not ranked) , Kevin Hearne/ 6.67/5
    68: Shattered Seas Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Joe Abercrombie/ 6.65/7
    69: Night Circus (Old: 45) , Erin Morgenstern/ 6.63/6
    70: Ocean at the End of the Lane (Old: 62) , Neil Gaiman/ 6.61/11
    71: First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (Old: 47) , Stephan Donaldson/ 6.59/14
    72: Cthulhu mythos (Old: not ranked) , H.P. Lovecraft/ 6.50/3
    73: Zothique (Old: not ranked) , Clark Ashton Smith/ 6.50/3
    74: City & the City (Old: not ranked) , China Mieville/ 6.50/4
    75: Kingdom of Thorn and Bone (Old: not ranked) , Greg Keyes/ 6.50/4
    76: Powder Mage Trilogy (Old: 57) , Brian McClennan/ 6.42/9
    77: Troy Trilogy (Old: 25) , David Gemmell/ 6.41/5
    78: The Witcher (Old: 24) , Andrzej Sapkowski/ 6.37/5
    79: Warbreaker (Old: 42) , Brandon Sanderson/ 6.37/10
    80: Macht Trilogy (Old: 64) , Paul Kearney/ 6.35/5
    81: Chathrand Voyages (Old: 23) , Robert V. S. Reddick/ 6.29/4
    82: Anubis Gates (Old: not ranked) , Tim Powers/ 6.29/4
    83: The Dying Earth (Old: not ranked) , Jack Vance/ 6.28/5
    84: The Divine Cities (Old: not ranked) , Robert Jackson Bennett/ 6.25/3
    85: Sword of Shadows (Old: 56) , J. V. Jones/ 6.23/5
    86: Emperor's Soul (Old: not ranked) , Brandon Sanderson/ 6.23/5
    87: Prince of Nothing (Old: 66) , R. Scott Bakker/ 6.19/10
    88: His Dark Materials (Old: 71) , Philip Pullman/ 6.18/11
    89: Chronicles of Amber (Old: 63) , Roger Zelazny/ 6.18/7
    90: Gormenghast (Old: 39) , Mervyn Peake/ 6.17/6
    91: Bloodsounders Arc (Old: not ranked) , Jeff Salyards/ 6.13/3
    92: Monarchy of Gods (Old: not ranked) , Paul Kearney/ 6.13/3
    93: Shadowmarch Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Tad Williams/ 6.13/3
    94: Aspect Emperor (Old: not ranked) , R. Scott Bakker/ 6.05/3
    95: Empire Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts/ 6.00/3
    96: Lions of Al-Rassan (Old: not ranked) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 6.00/3
    97: The Folding Knife (Old: not ranked) , K. J. Parker/ 6.00/3
    98: Knights of Dark Renown (Old: not ranked) , David Gemmell/ 5.98/4
    99: Anansi Boys (Old: not ranked) , Neil Gaiman/ 5.97/5
    100: Coldfire Trilogy (Old: 61) , C. S. Friedman/ 5.96/9
    101: Demon Cycle (Old: 70) , Peter V. Brett/ 5.95/18
    102: Alex Verus series (Old: not ranked) , Benedict Jacka/ 5.94/4
    103: A Man of His Word (Old: ) , Dave Duncan/ 5.93/3
    104: Stardust (Old: 81) , Neil Gaiman/ 5.91/9
    105: Grim Company (Old: not ranked) , Luke Scull/ 5.88/3
    106: Mythago Wood Cycle (Old: not ranked) , Robert Holdstack/ 5.88/3
    107: Rain Wild Chronicles (Old: not ranked) , Robin Hobb/ 5.88/3
    108: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Old: not ranked) , Susanna Clarke/ 5.87/8
    109: Eyes of the Dragon (Old: not ranked) , Stephen King/ 5.86/4
    110: Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman/ 5.79/5
    111: The Talisman (Old: not ranked) , Stephen King/ 5.78/4
    112: Riftwar Saga (Old: 82) , Raymond E Feist/ 5.77/9
    113: Coraline (Old: 69) , Neil Gaiman/ 5.70/5
    114: Acacia Trilogy (Old: 72) , David Anthony Durham/ 5.70/5
    115: The Fitz and The Fool (Old: not ranked) , Robin Hobb/ 5.57/4
    116: Death Gate Cycle (Old: not ranked) , Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman/ 5.49/6
    117: The Belgariad (Old: 76) , David Eddings/ 5.48/10
    118: Under Heaven (Old: 68) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 5.47/4
    119: Legion Series (Old: not ranked) , Brandon Sanderson/ 5.47/4
    120: Crown of Stars (Old: not ranked) , Kate Elliot/ 5.43/3
    121: Neverending Story (Old: 75) , Michael Ende/ 5.39/5
    122: Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser (Old: not ranked) , Fritz Leiber/ 5.35/3
    123: Hunger Games Trilogy (Old: 59) , Suzanne Collins/ 5.33/8
    124: The Runelords (Old: not ranked) , David Farland/ 5.26/4
    125: Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach (Old: not ranked) , Stephen Erikson/ 5.25/3
    126: Inheritance Trilogy (Old: 77) , NK Jemisin/ 5.24/7
    127: The Cinder Spires (Old: not ranked) , Jim Butcher/ 5.16/4
    128: The Fionavar Tapestry (Old: 78) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 5.15/8
    129: Dark Elf Trilogy (Old: 65) , R.A. Salvatore/ 5.07/9
    130: A Song for Arbonne (Old: 55) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 5.05/4
    131: Sarantine Mosaic (Old: 73) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 5.05/4
    132: Artemis Fowl Series (Old: not ranked) , Eoin Colfer/ 5.00/3
    133: Braided Path (Old: not ranked) , Chris Wooding/ 4.95/3
    134: Talion: Revenant (Old: not ranked) , Michael A. Stackpole/ 4.95/4
    135: Book of the New Sun (Old: 79) , Gene Wolfe/ 4.88/6
    136: Deverry Cycle (Old: not ranked) , Katherine Kerr/ 4.88/3
    137: Imajica (Old: not ranked) , Clive Barker/ 4.88/3
    138: River of Stars (Old: not ranked) , Guy Kavriel Kay/ 4.88/3
    139: Soldier Son Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Robin Hobb/ 4.88/3
    140: Twilight Reign Series (Old: not ranked) , Tom Lloyd/ 4.88/3
    141: Echoes of the Empire Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Mark T Barnes/ 4.75/3
    142: Graveyard Book (Old: not ranked) , Neil Gaiman/ 4.75/3
    143: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Old: ) , Lewis Carroll/ 4.75/3
    144: Godless World Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Brian Ruckley/ 4.38/3
    145: Abhorsen Trilogy (Old: not ranked) , Garth Nix/ 4.33/3
    146: Dandelion Dynasty (Old: not ranked) , Ken Liu/ 4.25/3
    147: Psalms of Isaak (Old: not ranked) , Ken Scholes/ 4.25/3
    148: Riyria Chronicles (Old: not ranked) , Michael J. Sullivan/ 4.25/3
    149: The Mallorean (Old: not ranked) , David Eddings/ 4.25/3
    150: The Elenium (Old: not ranked) , David Eddings/ 4.23/4
    151: Avalon Series (Old: 83) , Marion Zimmer Bradley/ 3.92/4
    152: Xanth (Old: not ranked) , Piers Anthony/ 3.86/5
    153: Original Shannara Trilogy (Old: 86) , Terry Brooks/ 3.84/12
    154: Dragonlance - War of Souls Trilogy (Old: 84) , Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman/ 3.69/5
    155: Sword of Truth (Old: 85) , Terry Goodkind/ 3.34/14
    156: Demonwars Saga (Old: not ranked) , R.A. Salvatore/ 3.13/3
    157: Twilight Series (Old: not ranked) , Stephanie Myers/ 3.07/5
    158: Wizard Knight (Old: not ranked) , Gene Wolfe/ 2.63/3
    159: Inheritance Cycle (Old: 80) , Christopher Paolini/ 2.62/7

    Best regards,
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
  6. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    Great job and thanks for picking this up Andreas. I can safely say I'm speaking for all active members when I say your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  7. btkong

    btkong Journeyed there and back again Staff Member

    I can give the one who manages this list access the backend of bestfantasybooks (the main site) and the ability create this list directly on the main site.

    The nice thing about those lists are that you can update the list, modify the entries, and rearrange the order on the fly. It makes keeping it organized a breeze. Everyone here can then access that list publicly, it will get comments from the public, the public can vote on the list rankings, and the list can be shared with others etc. And of course, it can be updated in whatever way you wish. You guys can keep track of how the list rankings work and the entries from this thread and the changes can be made every month by the person with access to the backend.

    Just an idea for you guys.
  8. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

  9. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Hi @btkong, that is definitely worth checking out, thank you for the offer :)

    At least for the final list, I think this is a great idea, the collection of the feedback, however, will likely have to remain in the Excel database.

    Best regards,
  10. btkong

    btkong Journeyed there and back again Staff Member

    Up to you guys!

    Just let me know if that works better. It might be a good idea for the final version of the list, yes.

    The only issue is the books will all need a description. I guess we could all take a crack at one or two of them and it shouldn't be a hard job.

    With the main lists stuff you can add, modify, reorder:

    1. Book Title + Author + Series (these all link to the Listiverse)
    2. Description (ie. why it's on the list and any other info, such as your personal ranking score)
    3. Books in the Series (optional -- shown under the descriptionl)
    4. Similar Recommendations (optional: books that are similar to that -- this is shown as a public widget)


  11. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    So, everybody who wants to provide his ranking, find the link to download the excel ranking sheet above - in the third post of this thread!!!

    So far, the following 44 board members have provided their input (Status 6/1/2016)

    Allan Batchelder
    Buffy V Slayer
    Darth Tater
    Derk of Derkholm
    Epic Fantasy Freak
    Fatal Rose
    Grey Mouser
    Griffin Vanderschaeghe
    Hand of Fear
    Ian Blackport
    Jon Snow
    Laughing Mime
    Sneaky B
    TC Simpson
    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  12. ABatch

    ABatch Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    Wow! Lot to talk about there -- the order, whether or not some of those series should even be on the list, etc. And a lifetime's worth of reading! Good stuff.
  13. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Hi Allen,

    All the series that are there should definitely be on the list!!!

    As a matter of fact, IMO every widely known fantasy series should be on the list.
    (Bad ones with a bad rating, of course, to warn potential readers.)
    But, I have to confess, I have so far not added any books by Robert Stanek or similar. Possibly an oversight?

    Please consider providing your version of the ranking as well!
    As I said, there are - in addition to those 86 that have so far received 3 ratings by forum members - another 245 series / books that have not so far received enough ratings to make it to the list. (Including "The Immortal Treacheries", of course ;-) )

    Best regards,
  14. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    To give some impression, these are the 215 series not ranked so far (in alphabetic order):

    So everybody who has read one of these and can provide a feedback helps us to make the list of "ranked" series longer.... (Status 20/10/2015)

    Update 20/10/2015: Have added "Iron Nails" by forum member @MattKnott to the listing so that people who have already read it can provide ratings!
    Also "The Slow Regard of Silent Things" and "Rain Wild Chronicles", who were so far not featured as separate series.
    Added "Shadowdance"

    A Land Fit for Heroes, Richard K Morgan
    A Rendezvous in Averoigne, Clark Ashton Smith
    Abarat Quintet, Clive Barker
    Aegypt, John Crowley
    Agyar, Steven Brust
    American Specter, Rasheedah Prioleau
    Anders, Wolfgang Hohlbein
    Arafel, C. J. Cherryh
    At the Back of the North Wind, George MacDonald
    Barbed Coil, J. V. Jones
    Black Magician, Trudi Canavan
    Blackhand, Matt Hieber
    Bone (Comic), Jeff Smith
    Book of Lies, Brad Meltzer
    Book of Words, J. V. Jones
    Books of Swords, Fred Saberhagen
    Chronicles of Prydain, Lloyd Alexander
    Chronicles of the Raven, James Barclay
    Collegia Magica, Carol Berg
    Course of the Heart, Michael John Harrison
    Craft Sequence, Max Gladstone
    Crestomanci, Diana Wynne Jones
    Crown & Key, Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith
    Dalemark Quartet, Diana Wynne Jones
    Damar, Robin McKinley
    Damiano Trilogy, R. A. MacAvoy
    Darger and Surplus, Michael Swanwick
    Darker Shade of Magic , V.E. Schwab
    Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Bone Laini Taylor
    Deed of Paksenarrion, Elizabeth Moon
    Derkholm, Diana Wynne Jones
    Dinosaur Lords, Victor Milan
    Dragon Prince Trilogy, Melanie Rawn
    Dragonriders of Pern, Ann McCaffrey
    Dread Empire, Glen Cook
    Dreamblood Duology, N. K. Jemisin
    Earthseed, Octavia Butler
    Ember in the Ashes , Sabaa Tahir
    Engine Summer, John Crowley
    Engineer Trilogy, K. J. Parker
    Eternal Champion, Michael Moorcock
    Faerie Tale, Raymond E Feist
    Faust Among Equals, Tom Holt
    Felix Castor, Mike Carey
    Fly By Night, Yasmine Galenorn
    Genesis, Wolfgang Hohlbein
    Gloriana, Michael Moorcock
    Godslayer Chronicles, James Clemens
    Godspeaker Trilogy, Karen Miller
    Great Book of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Greatcoats, Sebastien de Castell
    Greek Series, David Gemmell
    Grendel, John Gardner
    Heart of the World , Col Buchanan
    Heir Chronicles, Cinda Williams Chima
    Howl's Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones
    Hrolf Kraki's Saga, Poul Anderson
    Hungry City Chronicles, Phillip Reeves
    Hunting the Ghost Dancer, A. A. Attanasio
    Inkworld, Cornelia Funke
    Instrumentalities of the Night, Glen Cook
    Iron Tower Saga, Dennis L. McKiernan
    Jig The Goblin, Jim C. Hines
    Jon Shannow Series, David Gemmell
    Kane Series, Karl Edward Wagner
    Karen Memory , Elizabeth Bear
    Kindred, Octavia Butler
    King of Elfland's Daughter, Lord Dunsany
    Last Light of the Sun, Guy Kavriel Kay
    Left Hand of God, Paul Hoffman
    Little, Big, John Crowley
    Lives of the Mayfair Witches, Anne Rice
    Looking Glass Wars Trilogy, Frank Beddor
    Lord of Light, Roger Zelazny
    Low Town, Daniel Polansky
    Lucan Drakenfeld, Mark Charan Newton
    Lud-in-the-Mist, Hope Mirrlees
    Magic Ex Libris, Jim C. Hines
    Magic Kingdom of Landover, Terry Brooks
    Master of the Day of Judgement, Leo Perutz
    Millenium's Rule, Trudi Canavan
    Monster Hunter International, Larry Correia
    Morgaine & Vanye, C. J. Cherryh
    Morlock Ambrosius, James Enge
    Morningstar, David Gemmell
    Mortal Instruments Series, Cassandra Clarke
    Necroscope, Brian Lumley
    Night Land, William Hope Hodgson
    Nightwise, R.S. Belcher
    Ombria in Shadow, Patricia A. McKillip
    Once and Future King, T. H. White
    Only Human, Tom Holt
    Operation Otherworld, Poul Anderson
    Our Ancestors Trilogy, Italo Calvino
    Oz, L. Frank Baum
    Patternmaster, Octavia Butler
    PC Grant series, Ben Aaronovitch
    Peace, Gene Wolfe
    Perfume, Patrick Sueskind
    Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie
    Phantastes, George MacDonald
    Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald
    Princess Series, Jim C. Hines
    Quickening Series, Fiona McIntosh
    Quintspinner Trilogy, Dianne Greenlay
    Rai-Kirah Series, Carol Berg
    Red Queen , Victoria Aveyard
    Remembrance, Jude Deveraux
    Renshai Trilogy, Mickey Zucker Reichert
    Requiem, Graham Joyce
    Riddle-Master Trilogy, Patricia A. McKillip
    Rigante Series, David Gemmell
    Saga of the Reindeer People, Robin Hobb (as Megan Lindhom)
    Septimus Heap Series, Angie Sage
    Seven Realms Series, Cinda Williams Chima
    Sevenwaters Trilogy, Juliet Marillier
    Shadow Police, Paul Cornell
    Shadow Saga, Jon Sprunk
    Short Stories, Clark Ashton Smith
    Soldier of the Mist, Gene Wolfe
    Songs of Earth and Power, Greg Bear
    Spirit Ring, Lois McMaster Bujold
    Study Series, Maria V. Snyder
    Summoner, Taran Matharu
    Symphony of Ages, Elizabeth Haydon
    Tales of the Timuras, Allan Cole
    Temeraire Series, Naomi Novik
    The Alchemy Wars, Ian Tregillis
    The BFG, Roald Dahl
    The Broken Sword, Poul Anderson
    The Chronicles of Master Li and Number 10 Ox, Barry Hughart
    The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, Saladin Ahmed
    The Cycle of Arawn, Edward Robertson
    The Deep, John Crowley
    The Dwarves, Heitz
    The Empty Throne, Daniel Polansky
    The Faithful and the Fallen, John Gwynne
    The Fold , Peter Clines
    The Forbidden Library, Django Wexler
    The Hammer, K. J. Parker
    The Iron Dragon's Daughter, Michael Swanwick
    The Land of Laughs, Jonathan Carroll
    The Laundry Series, Charles Stross
    The Red Queen's War, Mark Lawrence
    The Sandman, Neil Gaiman
    The Scar, Maryna Dyachenko
    The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis
    The Sharing Knife, Lois McMaster Bujold
    The Southern Vampire Mysteries / Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris
    The Stone Raft, Jose Saramago
    The Vagrant , Peter Newman
    The Vault of Heaven, Peter Orullian
    The Very Model of a Man, Howard Jacobson
    The View from the Mirror Series, Ian Irvine
    The Well at the End of the World, William Morris
    The Worm Ouroboros, Eric Eddison
    Thessaly, Jo Walton
    Tiger and Del, Jennifer Roberson
    Till we have Faces, C. S. Lewis
    Time Salvager , Wesely Chu
    To Reign in Hell, Stephen Baust
    Tournament of Shadows, James Enge
    Vlad Taltos, Steven Brust
    Voice of the Fire, Alan Moore
    Waiting for the Barbarians, J. M. Coetzee
    War for the Oaks, Emma Bull
    Way to Babylon, Paul Kearney
    Weaveworld, Clive Barker
    When They Shine Brightest , Yordan Zhelyazkov
    Wild Hunt, Elspeth Cooper
    Windhaven, Lisa Tuttle and G. R. R. Martin
    Ysabel, Guy Kavriel Kay
    Zamonia, Walter Moers
    Zimiamvia Trilogy, E. R. Eddison
    A Pattern of Shadow & Light, Melissa McPhail
    Journey to the West / Monkey King, Wu Cheng'en
    Rogues of the Republic, Patrick Weekes
    The Company Man, Robert Jackson Bennett
    The Erebus Sequence, Den Patrick
    The Shadow of What was Lost, James Islington
    The Stress of Her Regard, Tim Powers
    The Ties that Bind, Rob J. Hayes
    The Traitor Son Cycle, Miles Cameron
    The Wars of Light and Shadow, Janny Wurts
    Uprooted , Naomi Novik
    Valdemar: The Last Herald-Mage, Mercedes Lackey
    Vicious, V.E. Schwab
    White Trash Zombie, Diana Rowland
    The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Patrick Rothfuss
    Iron Nails, Matt Knott
    Shadowdance, David Dalglish
    The Queen`s Thief, Megan Whalen Turner
    The DragonCrown War Cycle, Michael A. Stackpole
    Saga of Anaimon, Timothy Nancarrow
    Stormlords Trilogy, Glenda Larke
    Chronicles of the Necromancer, Gail Z. Martin
    The Divinity Student , Michael Cisco
    On Stranger Tides , Tim Powers
    The League of Princes, Christopher Healy
    Heartstrikers, Rachel Aaron
    Imager Portfolio, L.E. Modesitt jr.
    JOB: A Comedy of Justice, Robert Heinlein
    The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice
    The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
    The Sangreal Trilogy, Amanda Hemingway
    Green Rider Series, Kristen Britain
    The Troupe, Robert Jackson Bennett
    James and the Giant Peach, Roald Dahl
    Matthew Swift Series, Kate Griffin
    Ephemera Series, Anne Bishop
    Bobby Dollar Series, Tad Williams
    Allie Beckstrom Series, Devon Monk
    The Wardstone Trilogy, R.J Mathias
    The Banned and the Banished, James Clemens
    Karavans, Jennifer Roberson
    Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Larry Correia
    The Tears of Artamon, Sarah Ash
    The Book of Lost Things, John Connolly
    The Book of Atrix Wolfe, Patricia A. McKillip
    Solstice Wood, Patricia A. McKillip
    In the Forests of Serre, Patricia A. McKillip
    The Tower at Stony Wood, Patricia A. McKillip
    Winter Rose, Patricia A. McKillip
    Song for the Basilisk, Patricia A. McKillip
    The Birthgrave Trilogy, Tanith Lee
    The Secret Books of Paradys, Tanith Lee
    The Blood of Roses, Tanith Lee
    Awake in the Night Land, John C. Wright
    Iron Chamber of Memory, John C. Wright
    The Four Arts, M.J. Scott
    The Kharkanas Trilogy, Steven Erikson
    Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Jennifer Roberson
    Last edited: May 16, 2016
  15. Laughing Mime

    Laughing Mime Mixes poisons and sharpens knives with Kylar

    Hey Derek, the below from that list i enjoyed a lot:

    Acts of Caine , by Matthew Stover

    Anubis Gates , by Tim Powers

    Conan , by Robert E. Howard (the originals)

    Felix Castor , by Mike Carey

    Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser , by Fritz Leiber

    Shadow Campaigns , by Django Wexler

    The Folding Knife , by K. J. Parker

    The Forbidden Library , by Django Wexler

    The Iron Druid Chronicles , by Kevin Hearne

    The Vagrant , by Peter Newman

    Below I enjoyed a bit:

    Death Gate Cycle , by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

    Dracula , by Bram Stoker

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell , by Susanna Clarke

    Night Watch Series , by Sergeij Lukyanenko

    Tales of the Ketty Jay , by Chris Wooding

    Tales of the Kin , by Douglas Hulick

    Talion: Revenant , by Michael A. Stackpole

    Below I didn’t enjoy:

    Dragonwars Saga , by R.A. Salvatore

    Twilight Series , by Stephanie Myers

    Remainder I have not read, or read long enough ago that I do not trust my own opinion. Will include in my list J.
  16. Darwin

    Darwin Journeyed there and back again

    Downloaded the ranking file. I'll work on it over the next week or so.

    Rather than descriptions of the books, what do you think about additional columns for scoring specific criteria? For example, 5 extra columns: World-building, Magic System, Characterization, Novelty, Action. For First Law, scores might look like 5, 2, 10, 6, 10 or something like that. I'd give Bas-Lag higher marks for world-building and novelty but lower scores for action and characterization. In a sortable file, this would enable users to list books not just by overall score, but also by the aspects that most interest them. Voters could skip any column they didn't feel comfortable with for any book, and could even fill out 1 or more of the descriptive columns even if they're not sure how to rank the book overall.

    If it's ok, I'd also like a chance to play around with the raw data. When I get some free time, I want to see which likes and dislikes correlate with other likes and dislikes.
  17. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

  18. ABatch

    ABatch Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    My computer won't let me download the file. Says it's dangerous. I mean, c'mon! I'm all about the danger!
  19. moonspawn

    moonspawn Journeyed there and back again

    But not all fantasy novels have their own magic system at all and I think that's something that would just fit under world building. By novelty I'm guessing you mean invention and originality. As for action the term is way too ambiguous. For example I hear people say the Long Price Quartet doesn't have much action and honestly I don't know what their smoking because to me it seemed to have plenty of action. So I'd just say plot because plot and action are pretty much the same thing. If a novel has good plot then well it has good action and vice versa.

    I also think this is too much work that you're asking of Derk.
  20. Derk of Derkholm

    Derk of Derkholm Journeyed there and back again

    Hi Allan, thank you for this feedback.

    As far as I can judge, it should not be dangerous, as my company is using the usual state-of-the-art antivirus software, and I guess Google might also check the files. If your PC displays a more detailed message as to why exactly it is dangerous, and you forward it to me, I could analyze that.

    Of course, some PCs and browser setups will insist that downloading an .xls file from Google drive is ALWAYS inherently dangerous and forbid it.

    But there is also an alternative! Everybody who encounters a similar problem, just send me a mail to, and I can mail the file back to you.

    Best regards,
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015

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