The Star Conquerors Collector's Edition!


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Introducing, from ReAnimus Press: THE STAR CONQUERORS (SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION) by Ben Bova

Available on both the ReAnimus website as well as Amazon!

Six time Hugo winner Ben Bova's most sought-after and possibly best novel, THE STAR CONQUERORS, has been long out of print. There was only one small hardback print run of his first novel, never reprinted, and used copies are rare, costing upwards of $500. Until now! ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the first ever reprinting, in the first ever trade paperback and ebook editions of THE STAR CONQUERORS in a Special Collector's Edition!

To Explore New Worlds... and Resistance is Futile... all found their home here first with Star Watch Captain Geoffrey Knowland in what some say is a virtual blueprint for Star Trek.

THE STAR CONQUERORS is the first in the Watchmen series, followed by STAR WATCHMEN and THE DUELING MACHINE.

THE STAR CONQUERORS is a great story, far too long out of print.

This ReAnimus Special Collector's Edition features a special introductory essay from Ben Bova about the history of writing of the novel. (Not to mention, valuable advice to new writers on how to succeed.) As an extra treat this edition also includes the original Mel Hunter cover art in addition to new cover art from Clay Hagebusch.

Available exclusively from ReAnimus Press, THE STAR CONQUERORS is a major publishing event you don't want to miss. Resistance IS futile, so get your copy today!


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Cool! I've never read The Star Conquerors before (and actually have never heard of it before either). Will get on that immediately as I liked some of his other stories :)