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Journeyed there and back again
So, been gone for a few days and the whole monetary system is suddenly down the drain...Honey I shrunk the credits.;)

I fully support @btkong idea to enable credits to be used either for RL purchases or for fun. At the same time, totally agree with everyone here who said that it shouldn't change the current functioning of the board.

BTW, looking forward to change my status line to something from one of my favorite books. Perhaps "Betrayed both sides in the battle of Khaipur" or "Partied all night with Woland's cat" :)


Told lies with Locke
I'd like to be able to change the phrase below my name. I often get phrases from books that I haven't read (like right now). You could have those 'basic' ones, and purchasable ones in the store.
The badges and inventory ideas were great also.
I'm not sure about RL rewards, they could potentially encourage people to make spammy posts just to gather credit.
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Journeyed there and back again
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Ok guys, the store has been put on hold the past year because I've been too busy to sink time into fiddling with it.

However, I'm going to make point to try and finish setting it up over this month. For example, I'll be adding some prizes (steam games) people can trade in for points to give some real tangible rewards.

So stay tuned