The Weak and the Innocent


Journeyed there and back again
I will also be posting this to the sci-fi site as well but wanted to mention it here where everyone looks because The Frontiers Saga needs more attention, and the info below applies to the series not just this book.

The Weak and the Innocent is episode 14 in the Frontiers Saga by Ryk Brown. Each episode is a complete 400-500 page book but they seem short because of how fast they read. The premise in book one is that Earth is finally getting back into space after the bio-digital plague almost wiped out the human race on Earth a thousand years ago. Something called the data ark was discovered which had instructions on many technologies that were lost after the plague, and space travel technology was one of them.

During the testing of the first interplanetary ship built on Earth, something extraordinary happens and the tale really takes off from there. Turns out the Earth colonies established a thousand years ago escaped the plague and have developed far in advance of where Earth is now, and one of them has designs on conquering all of the inhabited worlds. Spectacular war ensues.

This is military space opera at it's finest, as the writing is superb, and it is the only series I would recommend as the numerous examples of this genre being written these days are not even close to being this good. btkong himself checked it out and said it was very good or something like that.