The Wheel of Osheim by Mark Lawrence


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Have you guys read it? What do you think?

I have the book ready to go, but have not yet started. I love the last one, so eager to see if the last book in the trilogy finishes on a bang.

Post your rating out of 10


Journeyed there and back again
Didn't realize this was out. I think this has been a decent series but nothing I am hugely excited about. Will definitely finish out the trilogy but to this point I don't imagine I will ever re-read it unless this 3rd book really brings it.


Journeyed there and back again
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Finally finished this.

Overall, loved the series. It's a different beast than the original series. Straight out, I enjoyed The Broken Empire better, though the Red Queens War had it's own charm. The character is perpetually funny, though the humor and his relentless knee jerk reaction of cowardliness followed right away by a sort of forced heroism gets a bit old since it's the same pattern.

The prose is beautiful and witty though and I love Jarl's witty quips about the state of humanity and the complete absurdity of it.

This is also a series that builds a very plausible foundation of magic with a realistic and believable explanation how it works, from a scientific stand point.

Technically, The Broken Empire books are sort of a post apocalyptic tale where the apocalypse gives rise to magic through
quantum science experiments gone wrong. It's interesting to see how all the 'magic' is in fact partially based off real world technology, but such that it appears like magic to the medieval society that survives the cataclysm.

Overall, the final book was great read by any means and if not quite as good as the books in the first series, a strong fantasy entry nevertheless. The events are explained, the plot wraps up, and the characters are (mostly) enduring. I do miss the bastard that was the Prince of Thorns, but this Prince of Fools is as funny as the last prince was ruthless -- I'm glad Lawrence simply didn't re-write his first series.

The man is one of the most talented fantasy writers today I feel, and his prose is something of a wonder.

The Prince's coward-to-hero shtick gets repetitive and, frankly, grows old fast as you ultimately know the Prince will do the right, heroic thing in the end, every time, but the character is entertaining.

The Red Queen's War Series: 8/10 -- a great read and one of the better, well written fantasy series. Certainly worth reading. The audiobook, especially, is magnificent with the narrator doing a pitch perfect performance of the prince. I'd rate the audiobook performance 9/10 because of this.

The Wheel of Osheim: 8/10 -- a good conclusion to a good series. The last book was a bit stronger (I'd rate it 8/10). Overall though, one of the better books to come out this year.

The Broken Empire Series: 9/10
The Red Queens War Series: 8/10
The Price of Fools: 7/10
The Liar's Key: 8/10
The Wheel of Osheim: 8/10