Top 25 Best Fantasy Books

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How many of the Top 25 Fantasy Books have you read?
I've read 9 and I tried two others which I could not finish. Hmmmm, not even half. Guess I should try to pick up some of the others.
I've read 18 (not all the completed series, but at least the first volumes). Have a few others on my shelf but haven't gotten to them yet.


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12 - or, to be precise, 11.26666, since I've only read 4 Dresden books so far.

Out of which, I've read 6 (well, 5.2666) directly because of this site.


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10 of them (or part of them). I own another 4 though, and will hopefully get round to them soon(ish)!


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15, although 2 of them I've only read first book and have no intention of finishing. I'm also currently reading ASoIaF.


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Assuming completion doesn't require completing the entire series, i am at 14/25. Not going for the completion achievement though. Only a few more that even look interesting.


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16, although I've sampled a few of the others and didn't go on to read them.


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I've read 13 of them and I think there's only a couple of them where I read just the first book in the series, Coldfire Trilogy and the Thomas Covenant series. Real soon here I'm going to read the Gentlemen's Bastard and the Bartimaeus Trilogy as well.


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I have completed eight (quit on some others) and will get to the following in the next year or so:

Engineer Trilogy
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
The Bartimaeus Trilogy


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18/25, although I didn't finish a few of the series. This year I'll knock out at least the Bartimaeus Trilogy and The Dragonbone Chair (I keep putting this off for some reason).