Top 25 Best Fantasy Books


Journeyed there and back again
I agree with you, that it is much easier now to publish a book with new markets, ebooks and so on, which leads to the sea of crap you have to wade through :) But I think there are still a lot of skilled master craftsmen today who could have published their books under harder circumstances, because they are simply good books.

I also agree that, when you read older fiction, than you can be more certain that it's no crap. I think however that's partially beacuse the old crap is now forgotten and only the outstanding or at least medicore books survived in the collective memory. I'm sure, that you know which old book you are going to read and it will probably in most cases not be a book the noone ever recommended or mentioned to you, or that you never read or hear of in any other context.
So, even if there where the same amount of crap published in 1985*, which is not the case because of what i've written above, when you pick up a books from 1985 today, it's more likely to be a book that survived for a reason a good book.

*this is just an example year! - please dont hold me responsible for especilaly in this year published books. Neither good nor bad.
Well sometimes even some bad books manage to survive from the old days.

Books survive because people liked them for some reason. This applies to all surviving books. An authors work could be saved from completely disappearing from human consciousness because of some overly enthusiastic editors or it could be because the book was immensely popular and well respected or it could be because the book was immensely influential to a certain genre or sub genre.

Pretty soon I plan to read some of the early 20th century authors that supposedly gave birth to what is known as weird fiction. Much of their work was probably under the radar then and although this stuff is receiving some recognition now, it is not very well known.

Its true some artists receive more recognition long after they created the bulk of their work or maybe even after they died. What do we say about them?