Tormented Souls... Is Tormenting ME

Mohammed Al Mulla

Downed a vial of metals
I finally Finished playing The Evil Within 2.. A game i won't dare comparing with The Evil Within 1.. The story and game play and graphics all sucks..
And started to play Tormented Souls.. Which i saw a good trailer for which kept me on my toes till i started Playing it.. And what a disappointment..
Well, i actually just played a part of the game... Maybe a few hours.. But it was enough for me to know the games flaws... They claim to be Inspired by Resident Evil.. I believe they refer to the Resident Evil 1 on PS 1.. And that's the best where it can get..
First issue was the maps.. You can see the areas maps.. But cannot know if you are coming or going.. There is no mark to show you where you actually are.. Except that that section of the map would be highlighted..
Many rooms in the maps would be highlighted Red.. Even though they are empty and nothing to be done in them any more..
Even solved puzzles, you don't have an indication that you don't need to interact with then anymore.. Like a statue that you need to measure its beart beat to open a door.. You can still check the statue even when the door opening is done... Rather that telling you that you don't need to do anything more or something like that, as is the case in Resident Evil..
The Puzzles are also soooo dumb that you actually don't know that you are in a puzzle.. Like when the Father says that there is a tradition where someone would walk around a dead body to wake him up for 1 night. And nothing tells you that you need to dance around a dead body to get a knife when be wakes up..
The monsters in the game are designed in a primitive way.. And so are the weapons..
A nail gun which is your basic weapon.. And then a shoot gun thay is made by joining 2 pipes!!!!!!??????? Like.. Seriously....
Also, when the main character meets the father for the first time.. She doesn't bother to inform him that someone took her eye.. And i was like...... Okay.. She has better things to talks about...
The game is purely based on puzzles.. And monsters fight is minimum.. Sooooo.. Till now i keep searching for the Resident Evil inspiration XD