Unsouled By Will Wight


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I love this book. I have enjoyed House of Blades earlier. Great High Fantasy. One of the first Xianxia that I have read.

Plot and characterization: Plot seems to simple till now but it's not predictable. And characterisation is also good.

World: Much yet to be explored. I am eagerly awaiting the expansion of glimpses that he has shown till now.

Magic System: Good. Not much complex but elegant.

My rating: 8.97

PS: My ratings are generally on high side but I really like this one. It's not dark. Excellent for light reading.
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I haven't posted in a while, I'm normally a lurker, but as you can see from my profile icon, I'm a huge fan of his work too! Glad you enjoyed it! I loved Unsouled. It's probably my favorite work by him so far. It hits a genre thats not explored nearly enough with English literature and the pacing is great considering how short the first book was. Will Wight is one of those Authors that continues to do well and release great books on Amazon that's going to just take off one day to a Brandon Sanderson level of recognition.

I read a pretty big range of fiction. But, I could confidently recommend "Unsouled" to most Fantasy readers.

My rating: 8.99 (I wasn't quite willing to give it a 9 either, but it was close.)


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Light refreshing read. To me, a lot of new Fantasy is striving to be exceptional dark or exceptionally complex. I enjoy it when it's well done, but it's getting overdone. This book is a nice change of pace from that. Easy to follow and fairly funny in some spots. Shows some development of the author from his earlier works and I think he's really turned into a great new voice in the genre. One complaint though is that it's a bit short for a full length novel. When I find a good book, I like to spend some time reading it and I blew through this one quickly. That being said, it was priced at $2.99 on Amazon and available on KU so even though it's short, you can't complain about the value.

One other note, this is independently published but I think the quality is up to print standards. Better actually than some of the garbage the traditional publishers shovel out now...

9/10 in the context of an indie book. Maybe 8/10 in the context of Any book.


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I really wanted to like this one since I enjoyed his other trilogy (the wife did not and stopped midway through the second book) but this one left me pretty meh. Great and interesting conceit behind it, but I think the execution could have been better. But maybe when the next book comes out the plot points he laid down in this one will make more sense.

Can't beat the price though, and it's always nice to support indie authors. It's also a quick read with some nice ideas and an Eastern flair you don't normally see, so I'd highly recommend getting it during the giveaway.

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Yesterday he announced on facebook that he had just uploaded the sequel to Unsouled, which is probably why the giveaway is going on. I tried to locate it via my kindle this morning but could not find it though.