VANISHING LIGHT by Robert N. Stephenson, from ReAnimus Press


Got in a fistfight with Dresden
New from ReAnimus Press: VANISHING LIGHT by Robert N. Stephenson (available in both ebook and paperback [$14.99, 318 pages])

"One of the hottest new talents to come out of Australia"
--Robert J Sawyer, author of Flash Forward

From award winning science fiction author Robert N Stephenson, Vanishing Light takes you into a world where DigiCorp is all you need.

With the world on the brink of collapse, DigiCorp's genius founder fought the odds and naysayers and saved the world. There are more rules, but people are content and accept there had to be a price to avoid calamity.

One man, Mikolev, seems to think things may not be as perfect as they seem. Or is he crazy? His assigned therapist is concerned and vigilant.

Are the rumors true that people vanish from the system while teleporting? Or that people's organs are moving around?

Mikolev thinks he's stumbled onto a secret. Is it nothing, or has he just opened Pandora's box and put all of utopia at risk?