Want to help Danica picks songs for her wedding?


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this is delegation at it's best/worst.

This particular item on the wedding list of things to do just keeps getting passed around and it is too hard. We love music but it might help to ask a wider audience with a more varied music taste. We have the dance one (i wanted something everyone would sing too, alcohol intake depending) and the cake one (a personal favourite of mine that no one else will know). The others, I'm stumped.

1. when I walk down the isle (please, no slow or sad. that said, i'm probs going to cry to the happiest song in the world)
2. when we walk in and are 'introduced'
3. when we leave

youtube link away. thanks in advance

PS. Is this doesn't belong in anything, I have no idea where it could go haha :)

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It may be too slow, but I think Walking in the air sung by Tarja Turunen is a beautiful song. It's from the children's story The Snowman. If you listen to the lyrics, it's perfect for a new marriage in my opinion. Lots of people have sung it, but Tarja's voice is amazing.
Here's a link to a studio version, but I think some of her live versions are even better.

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I have only been to one wedding in the past 10 years or so. But two pieces of music that featured prominently in the ceremony were from Star Wars and the Harry Potter movies. Totally fit the personality of the groom, anyway (I didn't know the bride as well, but I guess she had to OK it...).


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haha we aren't huge lovers of star wars or harry potter but there have been plenty of joke songs thrown about. Bad Boys for life ... yeah no HAHA

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Hi Danica,
Congrats on the wedding :D

Here are a couple of suggestions... well a couple of couple:

Il Divo, Hasta mi Final

The classic choice

Another Classic

Now, if you want to go full geek:


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What about

You could shake your ass down the isle with that one :)
You would also tick off all the single ladies that attend your wedding rubbing it in their faces that they are, in fact, still single ladies.


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I keep trying to get this on people's wedding playlists. Never happens.

This was my wife and I's first dance - you can knock out a passable cha-cha to it... not sure if it fits any of your needed scenarios.

You're down under aren't you @Danica? hows about a little acapella Kylie (no,no, try it, you never know)

For something a little jaunty down the aisle. You could go that kind of modern swing way.

For when you leave (tho if its anything like most wedding days I've seen lately this'll be a promise unfulfilled)

...prosecution rests...


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I wish you a beautiful wedding.
OH! how can you go past a bit of Shania!!

I say lighten the mood a little
HAHA I say YES initially .. and then I listened to it for just a smidge longer and were concenred about my dad's listening to the lyrics of this one, but that is the only concern :p

I keep trying to get this on people's wedding playlists. Never happens.
look, i'll be honest. It probably won't be on ours either! Sorry!

We belong in this world together is a really cool one! Thanks for that!
@wakarimasen I love your last suggestion!!! It is the best! I also heard that it was not very often couple actually 'consummate' their marriage, I had a friend tell me she refused to let herself and her partner become a statistic :p To which I replies OOOOH like an idiot haha

Thanks everyone!! I finally got fast internet so could listen to all the songs!


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I seem to be far more traditional than you. (Also, Mr. Hero and I both studied music for years and years.) Still, this is what I had when I walked down the aisle. We didn't bother with dances and entrances and exits at the reception.

Not that it matters terribly at the end of the day--it will all go by in such a blur you won't remember much. ;)

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(Also, Mr. Hero and I both studied music for years and years.)
Mr. Hero? I need to get the Mrs. to read this thread. That's an awesome nickname. I tried to self-proclaim myself Mr. President (even changed some of her passwords as a not-so-subliminal message) but it didn't stick.


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Well, He played the violin in an orchestra when he was younger and still goes all weird about Le Mis, maybe I should get him to sort out my entrance HAHA