Watching Childhood Anime today.. How does it feel?

Mohammed Al Mulla

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It has been ages since i entered this forum.. And surely i miss reading the posts and comments from the members around here..
It was hard to think of a good comeback thread, but finally, i found my topic..

For a couple of months now, my PC Hard disk was giving that annoying indication that it is almost full and i needed to empty some if the piled up files that i kept storing over the past years and keeping them on the To Be Watched Later List (everyone has that list, admit it!)..
So i decided to go through the animes that i watched in my childhood in Arabic Dub, but in its original language in order to get the full story and know what i have missed (we have an issue of sensoring lots of our media and altering the stories in order to match our religion and culture, so yup, you end up with a twisted version of the original movie / series)..

I started with Tiger Mask II, Followed by Mazinger Z and then Great Mazinger.. And i came for a conclusion...

These animations, when were released in the 1970s and 1980s, used the best of animation production techniques at that time.. Many scenes, specially the fighting scenes, where made brief.. Fast and generally repetitive, and meant to put kids on their toes and jumping from their seats yelling stuffs that you prefer to keep hidden in the maze of childhood
Watching these animations today.. Well, you tend to ask yourself a lot of questions you never used to ask as a child..
For example.. In Great Mazinger.. In many episodes, Tetsuya tend to head out to face the monsters in the little jet that he uses to power up the Great Mazinger.. And i start to ask.. Why the hell doesn't he go directly to his robot ... Also, the supporting character, either Sayaka in her Aphrodite A or Jun in her Venus A.. They never seem to be of any effect.. I mean, they have those giant missiles and all.. But they are never useful on any monster.. And they were never upgraded with heavy weaponry..
Both Mazingers have powerful weapons that usual take out enemies in 1 shot.. Yet they keep fighting them and exchanging blows and kicks rather that using any if these weapons..

The thing is.. After years if watching animations that have developed from the old ones.. Where drawings are much better (NOT THE CGI MIXED ANIMATION, SURELY) and the story is more focused, i believe it is better to keep childhood animes to where they belong.. In the cradle of sweet memories... Well, that what i believe, after all
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