What are you reading?

Right now I'm reading World War Z--Max Brooks (I didn't know his father is Mel Brooks) I did not expect this --talking about the book not his father--it's a surprise
in good way.
It's tricky to say anything and not spoil something. If you decide to read reviews on Amazon I have to tell you they spoil the whole book. They revealed a LOT.
Just think global crisis, politics, armies etc.
You were right about spoiling a book on Amazon. But I'll read it regardless.
That's why I like our Jon Snow's reviews, short, straight to the point what's the book about and why he thinks is worth a read. He's reviewing a book, not expressing his feelings about it.
Too bad he's got a job.;)
Finished Legion, didn't like it as much as The Exorcist. Legion is more philosophical, there is potential and some great parts but he drowned it with blah, blah, blah.


Possibly a Darkfriend
Reading Cozy Chilling Bedtime Stories by P. Gibey. Bunch of novels there, sci-fi and horror together, along with a little spicy erotic scenes, just lovely reading .