what do you call cornsilk


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so when I was in England last year, I had to get used to what I had only read about in British books. (corn is any cereal grain, and what we call corn is maize)

so now I think, what do you call cornsilk? (maizesilk?)

(fyi that is the fiber/hair beneath the husk most people remove before cooking or eating)


Journeyed there and back again
We call those 'corn hair'.

Shame it isn't more pronounced, we could've been calling it a 'corn mane' instead. :)

EDIT: What Neil Gaiman said relates to my country too. Sometimes we'd be using wheat, grain and corn intermittently. He also have a separate, more rural type of word for corn and it's 'kukuruz'. It sounds quite colorful when it's pronounced with the right gusto! :D
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