What do you watch on TV?

I am curious as to what type of television fantasy fans like. I realize this is quite an international group so it may vary wildly because of programming.

Put it in two categories - watch religiously and watch occassionally

For me I currently watch religiously:

Mixed Martial Arts - UFC and WEC
The Office (American version although they are showing the British version on Cartoon Network sometimes now and I've seen it a couple times)
NFL and big college football games
True Blood

I occassionally watch:

Two and a half men, Scrubs, Science shows (I like space stuff and breakthroughs in quantum mechanics), history shows, antique pricing shows (weird I know), some college basketball particularly University of Illinois, and cable news. I am forced to watch Barney, Dora the Explorer,Max and Ruby and Veggie Tales on a regular basis.


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I watch science shows a lot too. My TV is normally set on Science Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, History, etc. I watch a lot of college football when it's on.

Some of the shows I have set to record on my DVR: Heroes, South Park, Tosh.0, Man vs Wild, Burn Notice, The Office (american), Parks and Recreation, Mantracker, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, uh... other stuff I can't remember.

I watch a lot of TV on DVD with Netflix. I'm watching Weeds right now, and I've been watching other stuff through my X-Box as well as the disc delivery. I tend to watch stuff on channels I don't have (like Showtime and HBO, stuff like Sopranos, Californication, True Blood, The Tudors, etc) or stuff I forget to record (like Nip/Tuck, which I almost want to stop watching cause its retarded now).


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I watch loads of stuff, not all voluntarily though.
I do a lot of 'babysitting' (my nephew is 5 though, so not really a baby) so I've watched dora and stuff like that, though he's moving onto pokemon and the like now.

I don't really have shows that I tape or sit down for, but I really enjoy scrubs, friends and south park.
Things I do sit down for is sportsmatches, specifically soccer, and the superbowl, which is the only nfl we get to see over here, so the other matches i usually just check via nfl.com

I never really got into the ongoing storyline shows, lost, heroes and the like. Don't know why though. I did borrow season 1 and 2 of prison break from a friend of mine though, so I might get addicted just yet.

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Nothing at the moment. Being a teacher and doing a few social things means no time for TV let alone READING!

sigh...sucks to be me


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TV Shows
Dexter Season (watch all the seasons -- this is the best out there)
Breaking Bad
Modern Family (funny!)
Game of Thrones (duh!)
Spartacus (RIP Andy)
Ultimate Fighter (once in a while)

Other Stuff:
UFC Fights, Boxing Fights ( I do MMA and am currently training for Muay Thai fights here in thailand so I eat up anything to do with MMA/Muay Thai/Jujitsu)


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As a doctor I am of course completely obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, despite the fact that there have now been 9 series and the storylines are increasingly flaky.

Other than that I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I will be so sad when Matt Smith leaves.


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Game of Thrones, True Blood, Doctor Who, UFC, Rugby Union, Tennis, Football (Soccer) and The Apprentice are the main things I'll always watch. Other than that, I'll watch pretty much anything. My girlfriend likes a lot of American sitcoms e.g. Scrubs, House, Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement etc. so I see a lot of those, and documentaries - mainly those shown on the BBC.


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I don't watch T.V. much at all anymore. Most of that stuff is just a passing fad for me. I used to watch American Idol. I used to watch The Office. I used to watch Seinfeld. I used to watch Malcolm in the Middle. Recently I've been watching Downton Abbey, Jimmy Kimmel live, and the Bachelorette a little bit. For me the most entertaining thing to watch on T.V. is the NBA. I also watch Saturday Night live every once in a while.


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I don't watch a lot of telly, but I do watch reality programmes about people who buy and sell things. My latest fad is American Digger .. it's shown on quite a minor tv channel over here in the UK, but I absolutely love it! BOOM BABY !! =)

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Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, American Horror Story, I used to watch dexter too but unless it picks up the pace a bit in the next season I'll just wait till it's all available and then just watch it at once,
Also Brotherhood when It was on 9.
and of course... the news, and Breakfast on BBC. I don't even live in the UK, but it's got Susanna Reid, so :D


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Some of my favorites, whether playing now or not:
Doctor Who
Warehouse 13
Eureka (I never got to see the beginning of this one, though)
Once Upon a Time
The Glades
White Collar

I've also been watching the new Whose Line is it Anyway, which is just as awesome as the original. :D Most of the shows I watch are ones my parents find first, and I'll only stick around to watch the ones that catch my interest. They watch TV every night, and sometimes I'll join them (especially if they're playing one of the above shows), sometimes I'll work on my own stuff.
Glad to say I finally disconnected my TV and watch Netflix exclusively. They have all the shows I want, including most mentioned above. Not in real time, but then I'm a patient guy.

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  1. The news (at dinner time)
  2. MasterChef Australia
  3. MasterChef USA
  4. 24 Kitchen
  5. GoT
  6. Walking Dead
  7. Castle
And that's it!