What do you watch on TV?


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Castle and WWE Raw (and of course they come on at the same time). Used to watch MMA before all the good ones got taken off television/shut down. I don't watch much UFC (although I still keep up with a few people). Otherwise, just the occasional movie.

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Not much of anything, for me. I see some HBO series once they're out on DVD or iTunes. I leave CNN on in the morning while I'm getting ready. Sometimes Discovery Fit & Health for the medical shows, or Investigation Discovery for crime shows. I don't have anything against TV, but I have something of an erratic schedule (and no TiVo), which makes it difficult to get into anything that you actually have to follow from week to week.


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Never watch tv unless its sports usually football or Hockey occasionally tennis but most sports really , except golf. (and i mean real football not hand-egg ball which americans insist on calling it)
Usually watch various documentarys through youtube and download series like Suits , Modern Family , Community. I'm a huge pirate yarr! But lately i've stopped downloading since stuff like Spotify and Netflix isn't that expensive and it's quite nice.


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and i mean real football not hand-egg ball which americans insist on calling it
We call it Football because a Foot is a unit of measurement here and the ball is 1 foot long. Get over it.

Disclaimer: This may or may not be true, as it's entirely possible we hooked onto rugby when it was called football, changed the rules and invented a new sport, and left it named that way. Either way it's a lot more interesting than soccer.

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Sorry man. Can't believe your results with N. Ireland and Israel. You kicked our ass last year in play-offs for Euro 2012..
You probably can guess my country now too... :)
Yes I can guess your country ;)

Still, we played poorly during the qualifiers, N. Ireland, Azerbaijan or Israel are just examples. Guess we're always hoping that Ronaldo will solve the games when the rest of the team just kicks back and enjoys the ride.

We have a great team, a very good coach. They just don't click. I'm just hoping to avoid France in the play-offs now!


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Thats probably because i'm from Sweden :). Sweden also barely qualified , damn shame Zlatan didn't play yesterday. Was a damn fine game vs Germany. Very fun game to watch , Özil was brilliant!

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Thats probably because i'm from Sweden :). Sweden also barely qualified , damn shame Zlatan didn't play yesterday. Was a damn fine game vs Germany. Very fun game to watch , Özil was brilliant!
Yup, I was replying to your post and you're Swedish and Zlatan is brilliant on the pitch and hilarious off the pitch!
Özil is an awesome 10. And now he plays for Arsenal (that alongside Benfica are my favorite teams in the whole world) so all is well in the world!

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Started watching Dexter I know it's old now and finished but I hadn't even heard of it until a couple of years ago, and I know this isn't on TV now but I bought season 6 of Smallville much prefer watching these to the films.


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TV is a strange animal.

Years ago I remember thinking that Lost was the greatest thing ever. About a year ago I re-watched it with my wife, and oh man, did my opinion of it change (and not positively).

Dexter is good, and of a pretty consistent quality. Season 4 was, of course, the best, and Season 6 was pretty lame, but otherwise quite consistent, I thought.

The Walking Dead was great, for a while. I quite liked the characterization, the narrative ruthlessness (which is extremely rare), and the desperation that was communicated very effectively. Then Season 3 hit...and everyone got stupid. Really, really stupid. Andrea became the second most annoying character ever (second only to Lost's Kate), and the show just ceased to hold my attention--like, at all.

I've seen GoT season 1, and it was good. Not sure why I'm not bothered to watch the rest of it--I suppose I'm just satisfied with the books.

Banshee's first season was pretty great, although the second half took a noticeable dip.

TV is tough--when it hits, it's better than any movie. When it misses, which is basically always, it is exceedingly unlikely to hold my attention.

The one real exception to this is The Shield. That is TV at its best, in my opinion. If you haven't seen it, go give it a watch. It is very good, and has the best ending of any story I've ever seen or read. It is the show to which all shows I watch must now be compared and of whose standard they all, inevitably, fall short.

As far as comedy goes.... Family Guy was stupid, yet moderately amusing, for a while. Then it just got really stupid and ceased to be funny.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is quite funny, at least through season 7 (haven't seen further yet). This is recommended.

Red vs. Blue, the webshow, is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Very goofy and random. Check this out on youtube if you've never seen it--the episodes are only between 5 and 10 minutes long and you should be able to find it all on youtube.


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True Blood
Dexter (just finished for good )
Walking Dead
Great British Bake-off
The Apprentice
The Office
And of course, The Inbetweeners (UK version not lame US)


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I don't always watch tv.

but when I do, I watch...

game of thrones
walking dead
east bound and down
Pawn stars
discovery, history, and science chanel stuff
never the news and none of that mindless reality tv drivel.

mostly I would rather be reading.