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Discussion in 'Games' started by Hand of Fear, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. Laurentius

    Laurentius Super Moderator Staff Member

    Playing oldschool Ratchet and Clank for ps4. Great game.

    Eagerly awaiting Uncharted 4.
  2. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    I'm playing Tactics Ogre - Let us Cling Together on my vita.
  3. gsmonks

    gsmonks Stood on the wall with Druss

    I thought I'd wow you guys with a recent discovery- an old analogue game called a deck of cards. It's Green, too. Doesn't use any power. It biodegradable. Hands-on, completely manual.

    It feels . . . I dunno . . . real, somehow.

    I will see myself out.
  4. horsefacekillah

    horsefacekillah A Muggle

    Playing Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3, simply stunning!
  5. Trendsetter

    Trendsetter A Muggle

    Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen(PC) like me some RPG games :D
  6. Maark Abbott

    Maark Abbott Journeyed there and back again


    Doom 4 - Ehh. This was massively overrated. It's decent but the difficulty on the standard setting is ridiculously punishing and the mandatory platforming sections are shoddy. It doesn't help that it seems chock full of balance issues (it takes four or five point-blank pump-action dunks to get a soldier flashing, but he just has to stroke your cheek sensually for all your armour to flake off / shield soldiers taking 0% splash damage and chewing through your health in 2 shots).

    Guilty Gear XRD:R - Fun. Seems more straightforward mechanically than BlazBlue but with just as much depth. Need to sink some hours into my chosen character so I can learn some practical combo setups.
  7. RDGreenling

    RDGreenling A Muggle

    All games PS4! Smite is my current favorite.
  8. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    Shin Megami: Digital Devil Saga on my ps3. (ps2 d/l)
  9. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    Re-playing some DAI with a DW Rogue. Deciding on my specialization soon - leaning Tempest over Assassin. Not sure. Playing Madden a little.

    Would highly recommend fantasy fans check out "For Honor" by Ubisoft. I rarely play online but this game was a blast. Better than I thought it would be. Does it have long term appeal for everyone? Not sure but the alpha was great. Not sure when the beta is releasing but the game comes out Valentine's Day, 2017. Give it a shot!
  10. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    The Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky FC
  11. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

    Watch Dogs 2. But I'm way too casual about the main missions, always stopping by for side ones, so it's going slow.
    Plus, that Uncharted 4 is looking tempting, but I have Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and I'm debating with myself if I should finish the first 3 games chronologically before I start playing Uncharted 4.
    I don't know. You tell me BFB.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
  12. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    Well, why would you want to skip the first 3 games and jump into the 4th anyway? This series revolves more around the story than actual gameplay...the reason I don't really care for it. You are watching just as much as you are playing and the gameplay is so forgiving...you basically have to want to die to die in these games.
  13. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

    Because it looks so good :)

    Unless the stories/games are highly connected and intertwined I would approach them as standalone books, the order doesn't matter much.
  14. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    I suppose the stories aren't really connected in general. They are pretty much self-contained besides some character relationships that you would catch up on quickly. The only one I've actually beat is the 2nd...that's commonly considered the best of the series. You probably wouldn't miss anything skipping the first one...that's universally considered the weakest.
  15. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    The games are largely independent in Uncharted although some spoilers as to which characters are good vs traitors may be spoiled. The Uncharted collection is done very well. Frame rate is fantastic.

    I would suggest playing 1 & 2 first but I understand wanting to jump into UC4 right away. It's a great game. UC3 was easily the worst of the series imo. Weak story, way too many cut scenes and some weird glitches in combat.
  16. Maark Abbott

    Maark Abbott Journeyed there and back again

    I've started on the PS4 remaster of Valkyria Chronicles that my Mrs got me for Christmas. So far, so good. Challenging, tactical combat is always a plus point.
  17. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    Bought Shadow of Mordor GOTY edition after playing the original a couple years ago. Lots of fun all over again. Will be a great start to 2017 with For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect. Ghost Protocol also releasing.
  18. Bill Door

    Bill Door Philosophizes with Kellhus

    I'm now playing Persona 5...it's been slow going though as I'm pretty into The Instrumentalities of the Night and find myself mostly reading when I have free time.
  19. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    I absolutely love For Honor. It's been the vast majority of what I play and I delayed Horizon Zero Dawn for it. When I finally started playing HZD I have to admit I'm disappointed. Most people love it and it gets almost 90% on Metacritic but I find I only played it because I bought it, not because I wanted to. I'm still not far into the game. It's harder than a typical game and it's not a cover based shooter. Story is good but I'm not a fan of all the stealth based combat.
  20. Mohammed Al Mulla

    Mohammed Al Mulla Killed a Balrog

    Still struggling to get all the medals in the Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode.. decided to make things faster by equipping the 4 weapons as Magnum.. now I am causing a carnage among the zombies and have Medals collection fiasta...... not sure where to go next.. have downloaded plenty of games and played all of them like 10% except for the Tomb Raider games..

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