What Movie or TV show are you watching?


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I live near to Newark, Nottinghamshire, which was quite an important town in the English Civil War of 1642-1651. Now that does interest me. There are civil war trails through the town, there's a civil war museum, plus the remains of the castle, and still a hole in the church spire from a stray cannon ball! More interesting than Robin Hood for sure, who's existence is dubious!
ohhh, so its closer to Johnny Appleseed, a real man stretched to Hyperbole and Tall Tales, who also blew through town, and I also don';t care much for
I just finished watching Magicians (Season 1 & Season 2).. and I really don't know what to make of it.. the story is awesome... and plots are excellent.. but for some reasons the series focuses a lot.. and I mean A LOT on sexual relationships! That they don't even have a place in the story line!!
One of the best plots is the development of The Beast Character and the way how the story eludes the watcher regarding to who he really is.. another is the way that it makes the need to have a sixth finger as a necessity to cast more powerful spills.. i really enjoyed that part.. yet.. with all that power and display of abilities, the Beast is defeated so easily, which was a disappointment for me.. i really liked his character and confidence... Mayakovsky is also a very intriguing character with his weird concepts and methodologies.. he shows high abilities and skills that seems to surpass many other characters..
The rest of the series goes to describe all possible types of orgies O.O.. I mean, I watched Spartacus.. and it was full of orgies.. but it was part of the story and lifestyle of the Romans.. but this one.. errrrrr... could have been better if kept that part under check.. it made nothing but spoiling the story line and making the characters shallow and flat.. specially Alice Quinn with her non optic glasses.. once she removes her glasses (which she does just to display that she is worried or horny).. it is 99.999% chance that she aims to get laid XD thinking that the glass removing posture would help in making her more appealing..

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I read a couple of the books and the characters were kind of flat. Like you, I thought the concepts had some possibilities but they never seem to come to interesting conclusions. Like the the whole mental health issue at the beginning. He's not crazy, he's a magician and doesn't know it. But that gets put to one side early on. I tried watching the series but it was very similar to the books. The people just aren't interesting enough for me to get invested. I don't remember that much sex in the books (maybe I skimmed it) but they probably threw that into the TV series to spice it up. I do remember a section of "Lost Generation" like drinking and smoking, secret rebellion, some sex there, and wistful philosophical discussions. That was another possibility that fell flat.
seems I need to put yet another series on my to-watch list
Never took you for a pervert lad.. O.O but a man got to watch what a man got to watch..

drinking and smoking, secret rebellion, some sex there
That was actually another part that I just missed out in the mid of my bragging about the flow of action.. the characters are like single color.. for example.. Eliot Waugh is supposed to be the kind of students who do drugs and weeds.. yet, i do not believe that should be his condition ALL THE TIME.. no matter where or when he appears.. he is high and in the Unicorn world.. When his companion, Margo, talks, she always seems to be talking to a retard as she tends to speak one word at a time..
One of my best moments that I never got bored of, even though it was repeated many times, is when Penny was complaining about reading Quentin Coldwater mind and he hears lots of noises.. that made me laugh everytime


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watching star trek discovery. it's been really hard not seeing spoilers, or anytyhing about it before now.

it's worse than ST: Enterprise.

it fails across the board.
set design
and a complete failure to keep any previous work IN CANON.

so looking up online the biggest complaint I see is that before the series was released people saw Klingon s looking genericly alien. (like Cardassian Sith lords in samurai armor ) im generally okay with this. its not horrible, the plated leather armor can be called similar to either armor we've seen them in so far anyway. but it does look more so like 6 other star trek uniforms already in existence .

giving them all in language lines for their long screen times was a huge mistake. May be if they kept the old language Intact, it would only be 80 % as annoying as it is now. ( andc I love subtitles, if I hate it I can't imagine how people who already dislike subtitles.)

dialogue is so wooden and badly delivered I feel the actors dispassionately Xeroxing of their resumes in the background.

set design fails at looking functional, but also fails at basic filmmaking standards for aesthetics. I guess part of the blame is camera work.

canon. it keeps ignoring basic concepts and timeline from any of the previous movies and shows. the worse of which is Klingons. the most in depth culture development (other than federation) in star trek, and they throw it out the door. take a deep warrior culture with an aggressive expansion imperialistic diplomacy. and a rooted Viking like honor system and treatment of death and their core religion. NOW they are a animalistic religious fanatics with two dimensional logic and motives. lacking honor system. no longer are bodies empty shells when the soul escapes. and now they are a jumping board for political satire as xenophobic racist nationalists.

none of these changes can be found in previous works.


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attempting to watch the olympics. the coverage in this country is pretty bad. but I'm watching mixed curling right now after/at work with a beer. curling should be on primetime

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attempting to watch the olympics. the coverage in this country is pretty bad. but I'm watching mixed curling right now after/at work with a beer. curling should be on primetime
Hah, agreed! It's very relaxing to watch.

We're all watching the Olympics at work. The Dutch are great at ice-skating and we're scooping up a load of medals.

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I started on The Sopranos. This has been on my to-be-watched list forever and somehow I never got around to starting it. I'm at episode 3 now and already hooked. What an awesome series!


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I've recently finished Stranger Things 2. Definitely superior to the first season with the last 3 episodes being some of my favourite TV I've watched in a long long time. I loved more fantasy, better character development and more intricate plots. The show had me quite emotional at times. Brilliant stuff. It's going to be a long wait for the next season.

Currently, I'm on the 1st episode of Peaky Blinders (thanks, Tom). Really cool stuff, I have never watched TV like this before. I especially like the accents (somewhat authentic, I hope? I can't really tell). A lovely sound, either way.