What Movie or TV show are you watching?


Journeyed there and back again
follow up movie. it's new movie day.

singularity. I should have known better when u saw John cusack on the cover. he hasn't had a good movie in close to twenty years, and is being type cast regularly in high cgi, low budget disaster movies. (and even twenty years ago his "good" movies were all romantic comedies, never great. say anything, serendipity, high fidelity...)

anyway, I'm only fifteen minutes in and Ooooh man, it's so not intended to be funny enough for me to laugh this hard.

actress says " that was my last explosive arrow"

I say"and your last chance for redemption as even a decent actress who doesn't blow her lines in my eyes"

meanwhile it is 97 years since 8 billion people on earth die in one night because we reached a technological singularity (2020 so that is most of humanity) but we are walking around in an abandoned city that sees regular repair.
movie posters survive on outside of movie theatres (no frame or glass even.) yard sale paper fliers still nailed to posts, a scaffold with fresh safety nets and bright orange pads, bad plaster repair that cannot manage to survive 5 years manage to last 97. Annd the actors clothing is all brand spanking new, complete with creases and designer jewelry and equipment.

it's the apocolypse , 97 years later, dozens are alive, but l gotta product my hair and cake on the makeup.

the dialogue is so oo bad.

Imma give it a 2/10. but it might get bad enough for a 1... we will see