What's your favorite TV shows?

Sir Arthur

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You all apparently watch a lot more television than I do. I have seen a few HBO series (spaced out at about one episode per week on DVD) but I just haven't been interested in much television lately. Not that I think there's anything wrong with watching TV if it's something you want to do -- and I'm sure there's some good stuff out there, it's just not something I've cared too much about the past few years
I could have typed that exactly as it is.:hilarious: I'll watch this season of GOT as soon as it hits Netflix.


Journeyed there and back again
In a more or less chronological order:

1. Time Tunnel
2. The Sandbaggers
3. Inspector Gadget
4. Married with Children
5. The X-Files
6. Seinfeld
7. Red Dwarf
8. The Kingdom - Not the American show, but some sort of a weird horror show from either Denmark or Sweden, I think by Lars Von Trier.
9. Farscape
10. Alias
11. House
12. Lost.


Journeyed there and back again
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The Sandbaggers
I mentioned this series in the other thread about favourite TV shows. Didn't realise others on here had seen it. Probably the show that I have the most esteem for (maybe one or two others come close). All hail Ian Mackintosh (r.i.p.)! I shall definitely look into "Time Tunnel".

Black Books (I love this show. Everyone should watch this)
Same. It's a delight to watch.


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Game of Thrones is really the only show on television that I follow or even care about, really. Surprise, surprise, eh?

However, I'll always carve out time for Alabama college football games and certain NFL games. And occasionally something interesting on The History Channel or The Science Channel. But GoT is the only one that will captivate me - for everything else I almost always watch while practicing/noodling on my guitar.

I just have no interest in TV. Or movies. I only have precious few hours in a given day, and after my job, my family, music, books, working out, cooking and household crap take their tithe, wasting any time staring at a TV just seems...stupid. For me, at least. Priorities and all that.