Wheel of Time lands with Sony


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It's cringy as fuck.

There's a reason why New Spring isn't the opening novel and it feels like they're taking a New Spring approach to the first book. I don't know whether it's the identity politics crap that guides them or if they're just plain stupid, but there's a reason why the LOTR movies started from The Shire from Bilbo's and Frodo's POV and it wasn't because their story was more perilous than Gandalf's.

Discovery, wonder, adventure, mystery be damned. We'll enjoy Moraine giving away 110% of the first book's premise in the first 10 seconds of the series.

I thought that placeholder pilot from Red Eagle was a disgrace, but at least they've had the decency to follow the freaking story.

No one cares about art and good stories anymore, it's all money, politics and patting themselves on the shoulders for being woke. If they make Egwene the Mary Sue strong female character lead( basically what she was in the books, but having a more central role from the get go) I'm officially done with this train-wreck.

Amazon have also chosen not to film the new LOTR TV-series in New Zealand after The Hobbit law controversies. So they've already proven that they'll put their mouths where their money are, regardless of the crazy budget the new LOTR series has in its disposal. It's a disgrace after disgrace from those Amazon folks - butchering WoT's tone and story structure, getting out of New Zealand to avoid paying the NZ actors their due... Why are they buying fantasy properties in the first place if they'll just go and re-model them into a completely different thing afterwards is beyond me.

If they're fast enough, they might be able to settle in Belfast now that GoT's shootings have finished, they won't even need to cut the grass on the sets, their chairs would be pre-warmed by D&D, it all fits. :D


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I think you guys are really jumping the gun on this. We haven't seen an episode yet. I think the Showrunner Rafe is a big WOT fan and let's see what happens before we start crucifying him.

Also, this is a 14 book series. Do even 1% of TV shows last that long? Unless they are a massive success I highly doubt they can plan long term for a 14 year series. They are going to have to strip some things down and condense some things. That means some plots will get accelerated. It will probably make some people mad. And tweaking some characters may do that as well. But I'm curious and open minded about where this is going. Just happy the project is getting off the ground.


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I don't quite understand the argument against Egwene being a Mary Sue. All of the characters are Mary Sues from the town. I know Rand, Perrin and Matt are t'averen but aren't all of them basically that way? The entire series is that the "Wheel Wills It". It allows for the characters to become heroes. It's old school.


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I don't quite understand the argument against Egwene being a Mary Sue. All of the characters are Mary Sues from the town. I know Rand, Perrin and Matt are t'averen but aren't all of them basically that way? The entire series is that the "Wheel Wills It". It allows for the characters to become heroes. It's old school.
I don't know about that... for me at least there's a noticeable difference between the story lines of say Rand, Mat, Perrin , Nynaeve vs the story arcs of Egwene and Elayne. The latter two are always like "I'm prepared, it's fine, I am in control, everything's going to be fine, folks, Egwene/Elayne is here, the world cannot end on my watch, like never ever". While for the rest of the characters it's always been like "We're in deep sh*t, but let's see what we can do about it and hopefully I'd be able to pull off a miracle or three right about now". I.e. its their expectations towards the world + the way they lead, which is by delegating responsibilities and taking risks, which they are open about at least in their inner dialogue, while for Egwene/Elayne it's always a mtter of the world finally stopping being so silly and bending to their superior logic about things.

As for the show - I really cannot remember the last time when we've had major news and I didn't say to myself "The woke-ness is strong with these ones.

My point is simple, actually. There's a reason why WoT was for a very long time the best selling fantasy series out there. The same reason GoT and The Name of the Wind are up there in the top 3 with WoT. They all three are very strong stories, starting, continuing and developing in just the right way to keep reading interested. For every WoT/GoT/TNotW there are several hundred series that either don't hit the right combination of tropes from the get-go, or fail to maintain quality long-term, or fail to impress the fans in a significant enough way. I.e. well-written stuff, but not epicly written stuff. When you are handed an epicly written book or series or work( especially one that's top 3 in its genre for the last 20 years) you don't change the story. No excuses, no reasons, no nothing. The story is bigger than you, you tell the story or get the fuck out.

D&D had such a major success with GoT because they knew from the get go that the story was vastly bigger than them, vastly bigger than their talent, ideas, desires, politics, kinks, quirks, fetishes and so forth. They've put the story before their egos and they've managed to reap the fruits of said dedication. Why? Because of the magic word "split-testing". I make my bread and butter with split-testing different marketing ideas. I don't assume that I know best, I let my potential customers to tell me what they like from the things I've made, and I run with what has provenly worked with said crowd. I don't change it, I don't love it, I don't hate it. My job is to test things out and to trust my data.

The data says: WoT, GoT and TNotW are the top 3 stories, they're already told in a certain way, with a certain tone, they've been tested both by time and fire, and have proven to capture people's imagination time and time again.

Any deviation from the story for the sake of politics, someone's ego or desire to do "better" is at the same time wrong, stupid and deserving of nothing more than contempt.

Until I'm proven wrong I'd just assume that they'll mess the thing big time. I've seen incompetent people ruin a good work by thinking that they know better than the person who've made up the strategy( i.e. my marketing clients when they start changing things out without asking me). You can ignore the data, you can ignore the truth it tells, but you'll always pay for it.

The golden rule in life is: Don't change what works.

Someone has already done the hard part, is it so difficult for people not to mess it up?

EDIT: I'm not saying that WoT is perfect or that cosmetic changes or prooning of the sotry aren't a good idea, but when you have a winning blueprint you don't deviate from it. GoT was mostly solid for as long as the books on which it was based on were solid. Once D&D ran out of good and well-paced already written material( everything past book 2.5), the show started to go downhill. Once they've completely ran out of written material( everything past book 5) the show has turned into a cheesy video game type of story full with stunts and empty epic gestures. A TV show based on a book is only as good as the people who make it are in distilling the written story into a watchable one.


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The titles of the first 5 episodes are already known.

Episode 1: Leavetakings
Episode 2: Shadows Waiting.
Episode 3: A Place of Safety
Episode 4: The Dragon Reborn

Episode 5 or 6: The Flame of Tar Valon

My guess is that if the last title is for episode 5, then episode 3 would probably be the whole group going to Caemlyn together and the 4th one would be them fighting at the Blight.

I don't know. I'd have done first episode leavetakings, 2nd one Baerlon, 3rd Shadows Waiting, 4th one A Place of Safety where everyone has their own mini adventure, 5th one would be Caemlyn + Whitecloaks, 6th one the ways, 7th one The Dragon Reborn..Unless they're cutting a 3rd of the 1st book, it doesn't make that big of a sense.
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