Wheel of Time lands with Sony


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@rudyjuly2 I get the feeling fans will end up giving the show a lot of shit because of how much is cut out. But I wouldn't be surprised if 50% don't end up in the show.

But like you said, with 14 books it just isn't possible to follow everything.


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Well, I think most WoT readers agree that there were a good 3 books there which were a slog, so removing those makes it 11 seasons already. Remove some more of the non-core sub-plots and characters, and I can see it as a GoT-like 8 seasons.

Any less than that, and we're talking about significant omissions in the show, and that would probably not work well (for book fans, at least).

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I didn't know who he was when I first saw this announcement, but now that I've seen Money Heist, it's cool that The Professor is playing Logaine. I really liked him in the show!
That's awesome, I loved this actor in Case de Papel (Money Heist). By the way, there will be yet another season of this series (but put on hold due to COVID).

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Contact lenses?
Depends on how close to the story they want to stay.


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Rafe did a Q&A on Instagram. I don’t have it either but here is the Twitter thread with the answers. Have to click on each one to see the full image.

Some things hinted at a major character won’t be introduced right away. They couldn’t film all the crazy amount of locations in the book. Some things had to be condensed for the show leaving them with difficult choices resulting in some changes. Rafe is trying to keep the TV show as close to the book as possible and they consult with Sanderson and others.
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