Why the hate on The Desert Spear?

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@Alucard The problem though, is in this small niche world of fantasy, no author will openly slag another one.

João Ribeiro

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Basically it bugs me that's it's a downhill ride in terms of quality.

My three main complaints are:

  • I think the poor female characters and sexual options have been beaten to death already in this topic so I'll just say ditto on that.
  • Character development in general is put in reverse gear and is speeding through traffic
  • But the one thing that really bugs me is how demons went from nobody even coming close to a scracth to every lumberjack out there becoming Chuck "the exorcist" Norris and started piling up the corpses. It takes the deadliest army kind of in the world and makes them vastly innefective. So what's the point of building such a major threat in the first book?
Even Jim Butcher could teach Brett a thing or two when it comes to female characters.

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2 out of the 3 series I'm currently working on now. Maybe I'm just their target audience.:sorry:
Dresden is an awesome time-sink. I love how Butcher is all over the place with the setting of each book.
Still both Butcher and Brett seem to have attended the "School of projecting my kinky fantasies on my female characters"


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I'll read the The Skull Throne, but it certainly won't be directly after the release. Lots of better series, nonetheless I think I will still enjoy it, unless he keeps up with the sex/women-thing, and hopefully less Krasian stuff and more demon stuff.


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I can understand why some people don't like this series but I enjoyed it. I like the world and the magic system. I agree with Renna being a terrible character but I can live with that. The overall story is pretty good IMO. I will definitely pick up the new one as soon as it comes out.

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He should send me an ARC for showing him love! No book is going to be universally loved and no book will be universally hated. I loved the first two and many on here didn't love the second. I recognize a couple flaws in the second one and looked past them and truly enjoyed the overall story in spite of the flaws. Some people consider them important enough to decide they didn't like them. I love ASOIAF and I personally think the flaws in the last two books were as bad as The Desert Spear but I still love the total experience in both. There are more people that enjoyed The Desert Spear than didn't as evidence by the 4.25 star average on Goodreads but I noticed a lot of hate on this site and was curious why; so I asked. I've never been offended by others disagreeing with me and I hope others aren't offended when I disagree with them because I mean none. I feel we are a small enough group that we can discuss why we like or don't like things without being offended. If Brett was referring to this thread, and he reads this, and he wants to; feel free to log in and give the haters the old GRRM smiley :finger: or let me know and I'll give them one on your behalf!

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I haven't read any of his books and I have been put off as I've heard on here the quality of his books goes down hill after the first one.

As @sopranosfan has pointed out everyone is not going to like his books, and we are a very small number of people.

It's hard to hear sometimes when people don't like something you have spent a lot of time on, but I would try not to take it heart and listen to any constructive criticism.


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OMG I am crushed! I feel so freaking awful :(

It is just our opinion Brett!!

Don't know what he expected. You can't put so many stereotypes in your books in regard to women and "Arabs"......I mean "Krasians" and not expect some negative feedback. He generally has really good writing style, he's capable of building suspense and interesting characters and world. But he made some bad choices in regard to those things as well. However, he's not on my never gain list precisely because he can write great books. Warded man is proof of that. I would totally read his new series when and if he continues writing, hoping of course he learns something about not making his characters idiots. Because that's what makes or breaks a book for me. I admire world building and writing style, great ideas and concepts, but characters are most important to me as a reader.


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Oh and just wanted to say if you click on 1 star and 2 star reviews on Goodreads' page for The Desert Spear and especially The Daylight War you can really see some negative opinions and reviews. They number in hundreds. It's not like we're the ones that started "the hate" on the internet. A lot of people don't like these books. I don't understand his surprise at all.

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Well, maybe he learned a thing or two from the criticism and feedback and can use it to improve his next books. It must suck to read negative opinions about your work after putting a lot of effort into it. But surely he realizes it also sucks to pay money and get a sub-par product out of it.

I hope others aren't offended when I disagree with them because I mean none.
I don't know, I find it pretty offensive that you like the books :D


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I do feel bad, because i've made someone else feel bad. I was being serious. That being said, I stand by my comments and my opinions

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@sopranosfan Good Reads' rating is really skewed towards the higher end. Find me books that are lower than 3. Pretty hard to find.
yea he tweeted it
He never said it was our forums, but I did tweet the url.

I'm sure there are other forums who also hate/love him.

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Just come back to this thread after finishing The Daylight War.
I still stand by what I said previously, but finishing it changed them slightly:

The sex didn't bother me, it's realism. Horrid, true, but realism. I understand why people don't like it, but for me it's not a deal breaker.
There was a lot of concentration on the Krasians, and I prefer the greenlanders. That's not to say I don't like the Krasians, I do, just not as much as the greenlanders for some reason (and the Arab connection is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. Cultures are used in so many books. Be them fantasy or Scifi. You read enough and you see it everywhere, sometimes subtly, other times not, but I don't personally see a problem with it).
I wanted more Alren, because I really like him. His character has changed a lot, but that's his path.
Leesha, yeah, wasn't feeling her, sorry.
What I do have to say though, is how I sincerely enjoyed the last three chapters (as much as I enjoyed The Painted Man itself). That's not me 'wussing out' because Brett might have looked on this thread, it's me being honest (I tweeted that feeling as I read it - before I saw where this thread went/his tweet).
I previously said I wouldn't look forward to the next book, but after the end of The Daylight War, I am. Truly.

It must hurt like hell reading negative things, and I myself am awaiting the day it happens to me, as I am sure it will. Alas, it happened (whether this thread or not), but I think Brett man enough to stoically get over it and forge on. It's his passion and you can never please all. If he is truly happy with what he has written (and I'm sure he is, otherwise he wouldn't have released it), then that is the main thing. Write for yourself and to beat the writer you were, no one else.

Anyhow, overall, this book wasn't my fave of the three, but I did enjoy it overall and look forward (again) to the next.