Worlds that stand out and stay with you!

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Noor Al-Shanti, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Darth Tater

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    It's "Blood and bloody ashes" that I use frequently. But it sounds so much better when Mat says it.
  2. Peat

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    Both of the things you mention there are huge deals for me. I really like worlds where magic and the supernatural feel holistic and wholly incorporated in the world and all those little details and tokens are key to making something feel alive. The details and tokens are one of my favourite things about Wheel of Time, I think he really nailed that, and SoIaF does it well too.

    And yes, Earthsea has very impressive world building in retrospect.

    For me, possibly being pedantic, there's a line between Stories and Worlds here.

    Do I return to the stories a lot because of the human element you describe? Hell yeah. But to the world? Like, am I interested in other people telling stories in the Potterverse? Nope.

    I'm the same with a few other properties like that. Discworld - the greatest thing in fantasy (imo), but there's nothing so thrilling in the Discworld I want to read more about it. Characters, yeah, but nothing in the world really.

    Where as I am interested in the Blackfyre Rebellion, and would read licensed accounts of the WoTverse post-Rand (well, maybe...).

    But then, both the Potterverse and Discworld are incredibly popular worlds, and not just because they're linked to great stories. They've got lots of the little details that Tanniel talks about and lots of cool things for people to identify with. I might love really deep settings, but I think Detail and Identification is what sells things big.
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    As Iain Banks Culture was already mentioned, I'd like to also add the world (and history) of The Instrumentality of Mankind, as accounted for by Cordwainer Smith.

    Very imaginative future history of mankind, as described in his main novel "Norstrilia" and the short stories, e.g. "The Rediscovery of Man".
    Smith himself was also an incredible person.
  4. S. K. Inkslinger

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    Anything written by Brandon Sanderson. That man is a true master of worldbuilding, indeed.
  5. The bard`s song

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    Westeros and Middle Earth are the prototypes of perfect world building. Incredible atmosphere perfectly done in the books and movies/series.

    Talking about incredible atmosphere I have to mention the Setting of the Dark Souls Video games.
    Especially the first one (but also 2+3 and Demons`Souls) has such amazing places interconnected with each other I could not stop thinking about for quite some time.
    Who is interested should just Google "Anor Londo", "Blight Town", "Undead Burg" or "Painted World of Ariamis".

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