Would you continue a fantasy novel if it made you feel nothing?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by MorteTorment, Jul 2, 2017.

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    I have sort of been doing that with The Darkness That Comes Before. I'm definitely more into it now, but the first 100-200 pages I really debated quitting. The story seems like it has potential and some of the characters I am finding myself at least a little interested in, but I'm nearly 400 pages in now. All of the made up names/words are a little annoying to keep track of as well- like they aren't smooth names/words, very harsh and sort of tiring to read.

    This one might be one of those that is maybe a bit too grimdark for me? Not sure. I'm a huge character person and while I really like grey characters/story, I don't find many of them particularly likable in this story. And I can accept unlikable character cast as long as they are fascinating to read or good characterization, which several of the characters fall flat in this regard for me. When Cnaiür came along is when I started becoming more interested and I like his chapters/sections a good bit, so he's the one I'm kinda caring about. Esmi is ok too.

    I slogged through Dragons of Autumn Twilight, which was a complete waste of my time. An exercise in masochism to be sure. It's not that it was necessarily terrible to read, but the predictable plot/sunshine and rainbows ending just made it terrible to me. I just thought I'd give it a fair shake by finishing it. I did and I can't see myself ever going back to continue the series.
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    The Chronicles series is actually the bread and butter of all of Dragonlance. I enjoyed it but never took it too seriously and read it when I first started out in fantasy. If I read it today I would hate it!

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