Young adult young girl settlers

laidir laoch

Will likely be killed by a Lannister soon
what a great thread this is! I appreciate any thoughts you guys have.
It's a series about a young girl who is part of a homestead family. The youngest child died when they moved West. The father said let me raise catherine (not sure on name). So daughter grew up as a wide child running with the boys.
Several specifics scenes I remember. She and her two brothers were racing home from picking acorns for dinner. She bursts into the room acorns flying everywhere and the local Minster is at the table. her brothers went through the barn and cleaned up before dinner.
I just loved her would spirit. I know there's at least 2 in the series and in one she helps the local Native tribe.
I would have read it 5th/6th grade. So mid 90s. I think it's was also in the school reading quizzes.