Young hero gimp leg starts out working in library with monk like guy leaves on adventure


A farm boy with a sword
Young hero handicapped works in library leaves on adventure with master librarian guy father figure or crusade like there were horses and camels I believe it end in battle along cliffs title I think had sword in the title was Part of a series read this book close to ten years ago found it in jail would love to finnaly read the rest of the series also love story of older hero and princess it was like every chapter was rotating between two sets of characters

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Is it The Eyes of God by John Marco?

There was a young character with a limp (who does travel around and have some adventures), there was a library, there were parts in a desert. There was a hero/knight type who was in love with the king's wife. I forget which of the three books some of these events occurred in.

Sequels were called The Devil's Armor and The Sword of Angels.

Though I would recommend staying away from the series. It's bloated with unnecessary content (both chapter-wise and on a sentence-to-sentence level) and seriously needed an editor to chop about 40% out. Which is too bad, because there were some good ideas in there.